Hijabi Hair Care in Partnership with FEKKAI!

Hijabi Hair Care in Partnership with FEKKAI!
Salam stunning women! It's been some time since we've talked hair care (goodness, 2012! Where does the time go!?). I'm so eager to declare that we've banded together with FEKKAI, one of *the* top tier haircare marks out there to talk hijabi hair care, Fekkai items that work best for you and some great occasions, ALL. YEAR. LONG. Along these lines, to kick it off, a touch of foundation about Fekkai. Frederic Fekkai (he's half Egyptian!) bacome famous styling hair for runway shows and magazine covers which prompted his namesake salon worked out of Berdgorf Goodman here in NYC. He went on to establish his own line of haircare items in 1996 and in the end sold Fekkai to P&G in 2008. The brand was along these lines sold again and the items themselves were a takeoff from the "sacred goal" of hair items they used to be. In 2018, Fekkai repurchased his organization and this year, they have re-propelled the brand with an entirely different look and feel – and formula. Phew! What a thrill ride.

Today, Fekkai is centered around prevalent item again, and supportability with bottles that are produced using 95% reused plastic (and 100% recyclable) and an expert equation liberated from colors, sulfates, silicones, parabens, and phthalates. They are 100% vegetarian and remorselessness free and have totally patched up their marking also! Basically, the new Fekkai causes you look great + to feel great + do great. The new line incorporates five distinct assortments for your particular needs including Color Care, Volume, Shine-Boosting Gloss, Super Strength and lighting up Blondes.

Certainly set aside the effort to watch the commencement video above and I need to get notification from *you!* What are your hair-care torment focuses? What are the issues you have about hair care, how to think about your hair under hijab and what are the items you're searching for?