14 Indian Republic Day Craft Ideas You Would Love!

14 Indian Republic Day Craft Ideas You Would Love!
In India, Republic Day is praised each year on the 26th of January. The festivals end with the Beating Retreat Ceremony on the 29th of January.

Indian Republic Day Craft Ideas

With the Republic Day coming soon, it's a great opportunity to invest some family energy doing some pleasant art thoughts to show your children more the national festivals. You can likewise do this through significant exercises.

This is a cool method to start a feeling of national pride in youthful personalities.

So here is a rundown of Indian Republic Day create thoughts that you can attempt this year to take this festival a step higher with these Republic Day makes for preschoolers.

Top 14 Craft Ideas For Republic Day:

Feel free to look at them!

1. Crepe Paper Flowers:

What you need:

Crepe paper sheets in saffron, white and green (1x)

Plastic spoon or straw


Paste stick


Trim 4-inch-wide portions of the crepe sheet.

Cut along the expansiveness of the crepe sheet with the scissors.

Utilize the plastic spoon or straw end to roll the crepe sheet to shape an extravagant structure. Paste the closures.

Make three tricolored blossoms and tie the spoons with an elastic band.

Indian Tricolor Paper Flowers

Source: icreativeideas.com

2. Indian Flag Batch With Pin:

What you need:

Cardstock in orange, white, and green (30cmx3cm)

3 paper hovers with 2 cm width


Hot silicon stick



Self clasping pin



Spot the orange cardstock on a level surface. Apply paste and stick the white cardstock along its finishes. At that point rehash similar strides with the green one.

Trim off the edges and keep it aside

Overlap one edge of the card and fold the following the other way. Continue collapsing utilizing similar strides until the following end.

Unfurl the card and paste the closures together to shape the bent loops.

Utilize hot silicon stick along the focal point of the card to append the open closures together.

Apply stick on the focal point of the card and connect the cut paper circle.

Turn the card over and apply paste to the middle. Connect the other cut paper circle.

Presently take the finished product paper circle and circle it in self locking pin. Apply craft glue over it and append to the cardstock.

For the last advance, stick the staying cut finishes along the edge of the card stock.

3. Tapestry Décor In Tri-hues:

What you need:

Three hued papers in white, orange, and green






Crease the shaded paper into a triangle shape.

Draw a line from the middle and lines along the edge of the hued paper utilizing a pencil and ruler.

Cut out on the lines that you have drawn as an afterthought.

Open the paper and paste the center piece of the paper together. Keep on glueing all the cut finishes together.

Rehash similar strides for the other hued papers.

Paste the parts of the bargains papers and join them all together.

Stick a cut paper hover in the inside and make the Ashok Chakra.

4. Tri-shading Rangoli:

What you need:

Rangoli hues in white, green, and orange


You can make your Republic Day themed rangoli structure.

Verdant example, blazing sun, dove planned rangoli – are a couple of thoughts.

For more motivation, watch the video.

5. Tri-shading Paper Fan:

What you need:

Orange, white, green shading thick sheets

Paste stick



A thick cardboard


Cut shading paper in 5 cm each and stick them to the white paper on both the sides.

Overlay the tricolor banner into a fan.

To make the fan, mark 1 cm each and overlay utilizing a ruler.

Take the thick cardboard sticks and join the finishes together.

Indian Tricolor Paper Fan

Source: kidzyplanet.com

6. Republic Day Board Decoration:

What you need:


Marker pen


Pins or tacks


The board can be utilized for sticking/writing applicable data about the significant day.

Schools can turn banner creation as a piece of specialty movement for youngsters.

Such exercises can ingrain devoted assessments and motivate the little youngsters to be better residents.

This equivalent thought can be executed as Independence Day creates for kindergarten.

Republic Day Board Decoration

Source: stfrancisagra.org

7. Moved Paper Bracelet:

What you need:

Old plastic container


Shading string or fleece in the tricolors


Cut the plastic jug into a balanced shape.

Make little openings at the closures.

Spot the cut jug on a level surface.

Supplement the string in the opening and paste.

Wrap the orange fleece to 33% part and rehash with the other shaded fleece.

Lastly, pull out the string from the opening.

This DIY make thought can be executed for making bangles, also. You can wrap the distinctive shaded string on various bangles and stick them toward the end.

Indian Color Bracelet

Source: instagram.com/s.chick

8. Tri-shading Nail Art:

What you need:

Orange nail paint

Green nail paint

White nail paint

Straightforward nail paint

Cello-tape or post-it strips

Blue stone sticker



Apply a layer of white nail paint over your fingers.

Paint it equally over the nails. Permit it to dry.

After the primary coat dries, apply another layer of white paint. Allow it to dry.

Presently take a piece of tape and spot it corner to corner over your nail.

Apply orange paint over your nails.

Apply green nail paint.

When the nail paint gets dry, expel the strip.

Apply an unmistakable nail paint to include sparkle.

Spot a blue stone in the focal point of the white part.

9. Tri-Color Popsicle Pen Stand:

What you need:

Popsicle sticks

Little box

Paste stick



Take a little box and cut the top covering.

Presently take the Popsicle sticks and paint them in tri-hues (green, white, and orange).

Paste the stays together over the case to make a beautiful pen stand.

Tricolor Popsicle Pen Stand



10. Tricolor Friendship Band:

What you need:

Fleece strands in orange, green, and white

Long band


Take long strands of orange, white, and green fleece.

Tie a bunch toward one side to shape a long band.

Interlace the three strands and tie a bunch toward the conclusion to make sure about it.

Indian Tricolor Friendship Band

Source: etsy.com

11. Tricolor Bookmark:

What you need:

White cardboard

Punch opening

Acrylic hues

Brilliant lace

Launderable stamp cushions


Cut a white cardstock into a square shape and shading it in the national hues.

Make a gap utilizing the punch gap.

Press the stamp cushions onto the bookmark.

Supplement a lace into the opening at the highest point of the bookmark.

Indian Tricolor Bookmark

Source: artsycraftsymom.com

12. Tricolor Hairband:

What you need:

Hair Band

Quilling Paper

Lace (orange, white, and green)

Opened device


Hot silicon stick




Take the hair band and green lace.

Wrap one finish of the lace along the finish of the hair band. Stick the lace over the band utilizing hot silicon stick.

Spin the strip around the hair band. Paste the finishes.

Rehash the above strides with the white and orange lace.

For the subsequent part, you can investigate the video on the most proficient method to make the spun botanical clasps.

13. Tricolor Earrings:

What you need:

Quilling paper (orange, white, and green)

Opened instrument



Specialty stick

Quilling instrument


Make six shut loops with the orange, white, and green paper strips.

Shape each loop to frame a tear or any ideal shape.

Take the cut shapes and paste them together. Apply paste to the quilled paper and permit it to dry.

Addition a hop ring on the orange curl.

14. Tricolor Hair Extensions:

What you need:

Hued hair augmentations

Or then again Sponge and brief hair shading shower

Bobby pins


Utilize littler dashes of the hued hair augmentations since they can look much more brilliant than your regular hair. You can buy little or individual hair augmentations and spot them consistently through the lower layers of your hair to control the force of the hair shading.

Then again, transitory hair shading shower and wipe are likewise incredible for adding shading to your hair.

Every one of these decisions are incredible for you to play with hues without making a dedication.

Tricolor Hair Extensions

Source: etsy.com

Have everybody around you make specialties of their ideal decision to absorb the devoted spirits in a great manner! Every one of these thoughts can fill in as Independence Day create thoughts as well! Do reveal to us your preferred specialty thought from the rundown in the remarks box beneath.