30 Totally Ridiculous Reasons Your Baby Isn't Sleeping

30 Totally Ridiculous Reasons Your Baby Isn't Sleeping

Just a few of the many reasons it feels like your baby will never, ever just go to sleep.

1. She's excessively hot.

2. She's excessively cold.

3. It's excessively tranquil in her room.

4. The repetitive sound is keeping her up.

5. The repetitive sound is set to an inappropriate clamor.

6. The repetitive sound you purchased doesn't have the clamor that would really make her rest.

7. She is getting teeth.

8. She isn't getting teeth.

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9. Your child was exchanged during childbirth and is really resting incredible. Who knows why that child you brought home isn't resting?

10. She is having a "Marvel Week."

11. She is having a "Marvel how often I can get my folks to come into my room week."

12. She ate excessively.

13. She didn't eat enough.

14. She didn't eat what that lady in the supermarket disclosed to you she took care of her infants 30 years prior, back when babies never woke up around evening time.

15. She had an awful dream.

16. She had a decent dream and needs to reveal to all of you about it, yet she can't generally talk yet.

17. She needs to hit the hay before.

18. She needs to remain up later.

19. She needs a rest plan.

20. She needs to rest on request.

21. She needs to rest on 1,000-string tally sheets beautified with infant chinchillas.

22. She needs you to play with her.

23. She is happy to at long last have a couple of seconds to play alone.

24. She doesn't think you truly esteemed each second during the day.

25. She is becoming ill.

26. She is becoming ill of you attempting to make her rest constantly around evening time.

27. She needs her arms swaddled.

28. She needs her arms free.

29. She is attempting to make sense of what her arms are.

30. There is no genuine explanation. She is simply meddling with you.