4 Ways to Create a Prayer Space & Worship Practices While Mosques are Closed

4 Ways to Create a Prayer Space & Worship Practices While Mosques are Closed
In considering the COVID-19 pandemic and current overall emergency, it's captivating that a tiny infection has figured out how to actually assume control over the whole world. SubhanAllah! For some Muslims, the most upsetting viewpoint about this is it has disturbed the manner in which we practice Islam.

Seeing the photographs coming out of Makkah of the Kaba'a totally void of pioneers just as the powerlessness to go to Jum'uah petition and the brief shutting of most mosques is a wellspring of dread and uneasiness for huge numbers of us. We go to these spots of love for profound solace, and in spite of the fact that we can supplicate anyplace, there is something recuperating about heading off to the masjid and asking in gathering. Truth be told, asking in assemblage is darling and firmly empowered in our confidence.

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While it's impossible to tell when things will return to typical, all the better we can do is take this time at home to imaginatively make exchange manners by which we can implore all together. The following are a couple of tips for making a petition space at home that I expectation will motivate you and your family to take responsibility for current circumstance as opposed to letting it take responsibility for.

1. Make a supplication residence. Making an assigned space for petition at home, rather than supplicating anyplace around the house, will help impersonate the physical limits/structure your mosque accommodates petition. Regardless of whether in your room, an edge of your family room or an alcove under the flight of stairs, make this an otherworldly haven.

Spread out petition carpets for every individual in the family, include a few plants and a diffuser for an additional zen air. Copy a few candles or incense (on the off chance that you don't have hypersensitivities or tangible issues) during the hour of petition or use LED and twinkle lights for the night supplications to illuminate the space and give a loosening up feel. Make it a space where you can come to energize and leave the entirety of the concerns of this world behind.

2. Call the adhan (and iqamah) at home. You don't need to be at the masjid to hear the call to petition, nor do you need to be of a specific age to turn into the mu'athin. In the event that you have young men in your family, this is the ideal time to have them practice and assume the job of the mu'athin at home. A large number of us have the supplication applications on our telephones or the electronic timekeepers that call the adhan in our homes, wherein case you can delegate somebody in your family to call the iqamah so as to urge everybody at home to participate and implore together, jama'ah.

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3. Supplicate sunnah and do dhikr. In the event that there's one positive thing the coronavirus has given us, it is the gift of (family) time. While we practice social separating for some time, a considerable lot of us have additional time on our hands. On a run of the mill day, we may not take the additional couple of moments previously or after every petition to supplicate the sunnah or take part in dhikr on our tasbih. This is the ideal time to begin!

Have a go at doing some dhikr after each supplication, which we are urged to do as of now. The magnificence of having everybody at home is that you can do your tasbih as a family consistently. Not exclusively are you receiving the benefits that accompany recalling Allah (S), yet you are doing as such as a family.

In the event that you don't consistently supplicate sunnah, don't overpower yourself by attempting to do them at the same time. Start with one sunnah for every day by day petition and extra. Before long enough you will have them all down. Doing this consistently for the following hardly any weeks, months, or until we continue our typical lives will transform a demonstration of deliberate love into a propensity that you will, Insha'Allah, continue doing after this tempest passes.

4. Pick a video arrangement on accounts of the Quran or accounts of the Prophets to look as a family (or all alone), perhaps at night after Maghreb or Ish'a petition. This 2011 arrangement from Mufti Menk about accounts of the Prophets is an old most loved of my proofreader Dilshad.

The Prophet Muhammad (saw) stated,

"At the point when any gathering of men recollect Allah (S), holy messengers encompass them and benevolence covers them, serenity slides upon them, and Allah makes reference to them to the individuals who are with Him." (Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ahmad, lbn Majah, and Bayhaqi)

Exploit this startling endowment of time, and remember to incorporate some exceptional du'as for security as we explore this time of vulnerability. Appeal to God for the insurance of yourself, friends and family and the Ummah overall. Recall the individuals who are particularly defenseless against ailment. We ask Allah (S) to shield us from the hardships within recent memory and to hold us immovable in our deen, Ameen.

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