8 Ways to Prevent Gas in Babies and Toddlers

8 Ways to Prevent Gas in Babies and Toddlers

Gas can cause uncomfortable stomach pains in babies and toddlers. Here's how to prevent gas with a few smart strategies from our experts.

Thundering little stomachs are a good time for nobody. Ensure your infant or little child's stomach with these specialist prescribed methodologies to help forestall gas.

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Offer a Pacifier

Sucking on a Binky is soothing and "awakens" the GI tract, which may assist gas with getting going. — Samira Armin, M.D., a pediatrician at Texas Children's Pediatrics in Houston

Zen Out

Show your kid profound breathing, and offer a shoulder knead or a stomach rub. Any kind of unwinding can reduce his stomach torment. — John Rosen, M.D., a pediatric gastroenterologist at Children's Mercy, in Kansas City, Missouri

Timetable Bathroom Trips

Exploit the propensity to have a solid discharge subsequent to eating by having your child go through five minutes, however close to that, on the latrine after suppers. — Dr. Rosen

Get Her Off the Couch

At the point when children are lounging around constantly, so are their digestion tracts. The GI tract outright capacities better when there is standard cardio movement in a kid's day. — Jeremiah Levine, M.D., chief of pediatric gastroenterology at NYU Langone Health

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Mellow Things

On the off chance that obstruction goes with your child's gas, you might need to blend bland, scentless MiraLAX into his drink every day to bring more water into the colon and mollify the stool. Converse with your pediatrician about the correct portion for your youngster's age. — Jean Molleston, M.D., a pediatric gastroenterologist with Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health

Cut Out Gum and Soda

Biting gum and drinking carbonated refreshments permits large children to take in overabundance air that adds to gas. — Dr. Levine

Serve More Fiber

Offer increasingly nuts, entire grains, organic products, and veggies. Fiber is a prebiotic that is utilized by intestinal microscopic organisms and can improve motility. — Dr. Levine

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Attempt Probiotics

In the event that you don't see improvement in three to about a month, quit burning through cash on it. — Dr. Rosen