Boori = Why choose solid wood

Boori = Why choose solid wood
Booricreates exquisite nursery furniture motivated by customary and contemporary structures, deliberately chose best grade woods are utilized for their lovely nursery furniture. For more than 20 years Boori'sskilled specialists have been refining their creation to settle on Boorithe immaculate nursery furniture decision.

Past their skilled worker, Boorialso put a great deal of thought and thought into the wood they decide for their items. Their item group venture to the far corners of the planet to search out the best timbers, they search for trees with excellent, even grains and with less propensity towards bunches or defects. They additionally pick wood that is hard sufficiently wearing to withstand the thumps of consistently existence with youngsters - the timbers are picked for their quality and solidness. Continue perusing to discover why you ought to pick Boori's strong wood plans.

Boori = Why pick strong wood

Why Choose Solid Wood?

As you begin to plan for parenthood, you'll become progressively mindful of the large number of choices anticipating you. Picking your little one's nursery furniture ought to be an enjoyment and compensating task, yet where do you begin and how would you know what's best for them?

Just as plan decisions, you'll see that there are a wide range of materials to browse. We stock Boorinursery furniture as they generally favor the most characteristic assets accessible, utilizing premium, strong wood any place conceivable in their furnishings. Here are only a portion of the reasons why you might need to pick strong wood for your fresh introduction's nursery…


As a glad Australian brand, Araucaria is the conspicuous decision to be utilized over most of Booriproducts. Just as being solid and strong, the consistency of Araucaria's grain and surface methods it makes a reliably delightful item. Boori'slatest nursery furniture assortments are then covered with their new Eco-Blend Bio-Paint. This one of a kind mix is an ecologically inviting paint finish made with sustainable, non-lethal plant separates including soy bean and corn. This rich mix further improves the common magnificence of the wood's grain and the normal fixings mean your home will be kept spotless, sheltered and liberated from terrible synthetic compounds.



While picking strong wood furniture, you can be sure that your nursery will be extraordinary. No two bits of wood are the equivalent; yearly rings, bunches and grains all guarantee that each bit of wood we select is as novel as the tree it originated from.

Life span

Nursery furniture ought to be intended to be cherished for quite a long time to come. With the assistance of Boori'sinnovative innovation and transformation packs, their Expandable™ bunk beds can without much of a stretch be changed into a solitary bed and their ConvertiblePlus™ bed beds can turn into a twofold bed and comfortable couch to suit your family's evolving needs. For these remarkable pieces to stand the trial of time, they should be created from a solid, strong medium and just genuine strong wood can really withstand the knocks and thumps of family life.

Boori = Why pick strong wood


Wood offers a characteristic, sustainable material. Numerous brands guarantee to utilize wood in their furnishings however it's difficult to decide whether their wood originates from maintainable sources. Booriare focused on limiting their impact on the world's tree populace and guarantee they just select timbers from FSC-confirmed sources. Just as picking manageable wood, they are additionally devoted to lessening the waste created by their assembling procedure. They use cutting edge laser estimating innovation to upgrade the wood and use however much of it as could reasonably be expected. As no piece of the timber goes to squander, they utilize less trees to make their items.

Earth Friendly

We're given to securing your home condition and our planet. By utilizing Greenguard GOLD guaranteed paint completions and strong wood, Boorihave made furniture that won't radiate any dreadful synthetic concoctions or add to the air contamination in your nursery. Strong wood is involved 100% wood and in this way shouldn't be held together with gums or glues which are frequently made with brutal plastics.

Your nursery furniture is such a significant piece of this energizing excursion. Just as looking delightful you need to be certain that your furniture will withstand family life and keep your little one safe.