Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of 'Salam Girl!" – an Interview with Monica Traverzo

Celebrating the One-Year Anniversary of 'Salam Girl!
Sometime in the distant past two old buddies got together for an informal breakfast and make up for lost time. They got to looking at needing to make a space by Muslim ladies for Muslims, where they could grasp their characters and discover a spot for themselves (as well as other people like them). That joint effort between Monica Traverzo and Nicole Queen – bringing about the Salam Girl! digital recording – is presently arriving at it's one-year commemoration in November with in excess of 50 scenes under their famous belts!

Monica, a mother to four kids, never figured she would be a podcaster or even a Muslim ten years prior. Yet, presently she is completely dedicated to carrying on with a Muslim life that is true and all her own while conveying substance and stories to other Muslim ladies in manners that are current and relatable. Their digital broadcast additionally pulls in non-Muslim audience members in light of the fact that, as Monica says, "Both [of us] being changes over, we comprehend what it resembles to not be a Muslim and start to hear things about Islam."

I as of late connected with Monica to hear her Salam Girl! story and converse with her about what her most loved web recording scenes are, which scenes shocked her (in which she needed to face her own fraud disorder) and why she cherishes wearing our gooey hijabs to such an extent! Look at it!

Monica Traverzo

Monica Traverzo of the Salam Girl! digital recording wearing our Viscose Hijab in Rose Mauve.

Your creator bio on the Salam Girl! digital broadcast says, "In the event that you met me 10 years back, you and I both would have never figured I would begin to look all starry eyed at another religion and become the pleased Muslim lady I am today." Why is that?

Ohhh young lady, yes! Honestly, I was only your normal self-consumed, school party young lady. My folks separated from right when I graduated secondary school, thus I had an exceptionally defiant stage going into school. When the residue settled a tad and I understood I required confidence to ground me. That is when Allah truly made me fully aware of Islam. Alhamdullilah! Along these lines, you can't be sure whether that young lady who just went to the club to party in the wake of completing her midterm may one day devote herself to asking five times each day!

When did you and your accomplice, Nicole Queen, start the digital recording? What was the reason?

We are excessively energized and glad that we are coming up on our one year commemoration in November! We will celebrate in a major manner! So young ladies, prepare! Nicole and I needed to make a space by Muslim ladies for Muslim ladies to grasp our personality while likewise making space for network as we as a whole set out on this excursion of self-disclosure together.

How could you come to band together with Nicole on this?

Nicole and I chose to get informal breakfast one day and make up for lost time. She is an inventive brain, Masha'Allah, and had a YouTube channel when she moved toward me about doing a video about personality in the wake of changing over to Islam. I felt somewhat reluctant (and really somewhat scared!) by the thought, yet later on I recommended facilitating a joint digital recording. Nicole was so enthusiastic about the thought, and that theme wound up being our absolute first show. Salam, Girl! was propelled!

Religion is at the essence of your web recording. Do you think of it as dawah? Provided that this is true, how?

Without a doubt! Our substance is something that individuals from every single distinctive foundation can identify with. We're ready to convey dawah (the demonstration of spreading or educating about Islam) in a way that is present day and relatable. Our contemporary methodology pulls in non-Muslim tunes in, as well. Both being changes over, we comprehend what it resembles to not be a Muslim and start to hear things about Islam. Thus, we're ready to contact individuals in manners just a believer could.

How would you and Nicole concoct thoughts for the webcast? Since there is a significant range to what you spread, from discussing the first Muslim sorority in Quite a while (Mu Delta Alpha) to talking about connections during the hour of Prophet Muhammad (saw).

We love that there is such a scope of themes in our show! We needed to exhibit all the various elements that a Muslim lady can be, on the grounds that we unquestionably all aren't this stand-out Muslim lady who you can paint with a solitary brush. Nicole and I ricochet thoughts to and fro off one another and record the show on the off chance that we think that its intriguing! We like to blend it up and shock our crowd with new themes, and once in a while we will do a progression of shows where we examine subjects like hijab!

Monica Traverzo and Nicole Queen

Nicole Queen (on the left) and Monica (on the right) of the Salam Girl! digital recording.

What have been a portion of your most loved web recordings you've done so far and why?

My top choices are where it's simply us talking with one another and acting naturally! We will record those performances, and I'll overlook that we are in any event, recording! There is this one we did some time back about becoming more acquainted with us, we despite everything laugh hysterically at the too irregular things we said. Likely nobody thought about that scene, LOL, however it's so amusing to me!

What is a digital recording you've done that astounded you – perhaps it went toward a path you didn't foresee, or possibly you discovered some new information?

Certainly my change story! Discussing that was truly nerve-wracking for me! I have recounted to the story again and again, however never have I had it reported. Will my children hear this one day? Did I convey it in a manner that gave the effect I felt? Gracious, and the part where I got to my better half felt chaotic to me since I feel like you can truly advise that I was reluctant to jump profound. This is on the grounds that I truly treasure our relationship and story and didn't have the foggiest idea how to discuss it the correct way. Thus, I had absolute fraud disorder on this scene, yet I was so content with the reaction from our crowd. It was passionate. I cherished its result!

Salam Girl! has developed exponentially since it previously appeared. What number of scenes have all of you put out? How have you developed from doing the digital recording into web-based social networking affecting world?

I am going to boast on Nicole here, she abhors it when I do that yet I can't resist!! She is the hero maker of the show and has not missed a solitary week in getting a scene out since we've begun. That is 50 scenes, Masha'Allah! I do not understand how to do that tech-y stuff, yet I'm her most intense team promoter! LOL! You'll see me in the remarks, answering to your DMs and messages. I appreciate keeping our IG dynamic and substance in accordance with our image. Nicole bounces on all that as well!

Internet based life is a piece of building our Salam Girl! brand and having a stage with a voice. Building a network space and making associations is extremely imperative to the two of us. We needed our young ladies to realize us better, thus we love being dynamic on Instagram @salamgirlpodcast. We share photographs, additionally by the gifted Nicole and her photography business, and we love teaming up with #muslimgirlbosses! We likewise have a restrictive FB bunch for us young ladies to visit called #salamsquad.

Monica Traverzo and her family

Monica and her wonderful family.

You have four youngsters! How old right? What amount does your child rearing life move what you need to do with the webcast?

They cause me to remain alert, and I LOVE it! My most seasoned is eight, at that point six, three and a one-year-old infant. I'm a glad SAHM (stay-at-home-mom), yet you won't hear me going on and on about my child rearing life and my children on the show or our online networking. I'll certainly open up and share a bit, yet I truly prefer to keep that piece of my life somewhat more private. I need my children to be pleased with their character, particularly as youthful Muslims. In this way, doing the webcast encourages me be a superior mother since it causes me to feel pleased to be a Muslim and I feel increasingly associated with the ummah (network). This dunya (common life) has such a large number of interruptions, so this is somewhat my thing that keeps me in the zone, you know?

Frequently it seems like you and Nicole are simply having a decent discussion on the web recording, similar to a decent gabfest between companions. What amount of it is scripted versus unscripted?

That is actually what it is! Nothing is ever scripted. The main things we read-off are audits and visitor profiles on the show, and everything else is free-form. In the event that it's a meeting, we will send over certain inquiries, yet we generally need it to sound regular. Along these lines, we truly have a decent gabfest! Some of the time, I'll compose a fast introduction on my telephone or some ideas directly before we hit record to provide myself some publicity and guidance. Thank heavens Nicole is so quiet with me, LOL!

Now and then I'll begin to word upchuck or lose thought, and since she's behind the PC and programming, she'll put her mystery ingredient on it. She has extraordinary talking experience added to her repertoire and encourages me out when I'm trapped. Genuine association and sisterhood directly here! Young lady, I would prefer even not to hear myself when we originally began! I seemed like an apprehensive robot, yet I'm much progressively agreeable at this point!

Monica Traverzo

We should discuss your hijab venture a smidgen – to what extent did it take you to happen upon the style and sort of hijab that you truly enjoyed? Do you have a specific style/material you float towards?

I began wearing hijab truly soon after grasping Islam. I didn't have the foggiest idea what on the planet I was doing at that point. All I recollect is feeling stuck between two universes and not seeing how to interpret my style from pre-Islam to being a Muslim. I believe I'm in every case despite everything finding what that resembles, yet I do feel more great now than any time in recent memory with hijab. Alhamdulilah! After some time I just felt increasingly sure, and I grasped the way that I wear hijab and that is simply part of who I am!

(Monica is wearing our Viscose Hijab in Citrine in this photograph.

A few staples in my hijab closet are Elif Kavakcis configuration called "comfi-poke" that I wear each and every time I exercise or swim. It's awesome! In our meeting with Melanie, she alluded to a games configuration coming out soon, and I'm eager to see that, as well!

We know you're an admirer of our gooey hijabs! What is it about this specific hijab, this material, that does it for you?