CYBEX SensorSafe = Safe. Smart. Connected

CYBEX SensorSafe = Safe. Smart. Connected
Everybody knows how significant vehicle security is, particularly when going with your little ones. As it should be, your kid is valuable payload that should be secured. There are such a significant number of do's and don'ts around vehicle security, it's difficult to stay aware of what is ideal and most secure for your youngster. The astounding individuals at CYBEX need to help make this somewhat simpler for you with their ongoing dispatch of the CYBEX SensorSafe.

CYBEX SensorSafe = Safe. Shrewd. Associated


What is SensorSafe?

SensorSafe is the fresh out of the box new progressive innovation from CYBEX. It wires shrewd innovation with keen structure to give true serenity for you and better security for your youngster. The SensorSafe is a clasp that joins to the outfit arrangement of your little ones vehicle seat which is associated with your cell phone to give basic wellbeing and security alarms.

SensorSafe's strategic to help forestall basic circumstances occurring in the vehicle. It will caution you when your kid unfastens the clasp, when the surrounding temperature around your youngster is excessively hot or excessively cold, if your little one is left unattended in the vehicle and if your kid has been situated for a really long time. Giving a remarkable youngster checking framework that guarantees the wellbeing and soundness of your kid is forever your first need.

All alarms are gotten by means of Bluetooth on your advanced cell through an easy to use application that additionally gives direction on establishment, how-to recordings, FAQs and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

We should investigate precisely how SensorSafe can help ensure your little ones wellbeing and security consistently.

Establishment Checklist

To help augment the wellbeing of your youngster, the SensorSafe application will manage you through the right establishment process for your vehicle seat. The easy to comprehend wellbeing agenda shows you the basic establishment focuses easily, for example, the utilization of the Linear Side-sway Protection (LSP) and ISOFIX establishment. The establishment agenda will likewise remind you at certain time interims of your kid's development to make the right acclimations to their seat comparable to their developing size.

Saddle alarms

With 51% of guardians announcing that their kid has unfastened themselves from their own vehicle seat plainly this is an issue numerous guardians face. The SensorSafe chest cut right off the bat assists with making sure about the tackle making it harder for your youngster to sneak out of their saddle framework. It likewise cautions you through a pop-up message to your cell phone if your youngster manages to open the clasp.

CYBEX SensorSafe = Safe. Keen. Associated

Temperature cautioning

SensorSafe likewise guarantees your kid consistently goes at a sheltered temperature. It screens the surrounding temperature of your vehicle, when temperatures gets excessively hot or too cool you will be cautioned. The admonition is actuated when the temperature in the vehicle comes to either 35°c or tumbles to 7°c. This will help keep your youngster from overheating or overcooling while in the vehicle.

Youngster alone admonition

The youngster alone admonition assists with giving guardians the security of realizing they are consistently with a parent or adored one. On the off chance that the driver of the vehicle leaves the vehicle and the vehicle seat is still clasped with a youngster inside, the client will get a notice to tell them the infant is still in the vehicle solo.

In the event that nothing changes following five minutes, you can alternatively decide for the application to send notices to your crisis contacts telling them the infant has been left in the vehicle, alongside the vehicle's area.

Have a break

To stay away from your kid sitting in the vehicle for longer than is esteemed safe, the enjoy a reprieve alert illuminates you if the SensorSafechest cut has been shut for a delayed timeframe. It will prescribe you enjoy a reprieve and expel your little one from their vehicle seat for some time. In the event that you do need to travel significant distances, take visit breaks to give your infant time our of their vehicle seat.

CYBEX SensorSafe = Safe. Brilliant. Associated


Because of the SensorSafebeing a homologation and not an extra, it is just accessible with certain Cybex and GB I-Size vehicle seats. You can not get it independently as it is just endorsed for use with certain vehicle seats.

SensorSafe accompanies a wide scope of Cybexand gb vehicle seats; Cybex Platinum (Cloud Z and Sirona Z), Cybex Gold (Aton M I-Size, Sirona S I-Size and Sirona M2 I-Size) and gb (Vaya I-Size).