From the Editor's Desk - A Focus in January on the Foundations of Our Lives

From the Editor's Desk - A Focus in January on the Foundations of Our Lives
As salaamu alaikum and hi everybody!

New year, new decade, Alhamdullilah. This is the year that Haute Hijab turns ten, and we will be turning out tenth commemoration festivities consistently! We're additionally concentrating on the following decade of development and work, with new hijabs and items for you just as mapping out manageability objectives to improve our effect on nature.

We know, as such a large number of us do, that without everybody doing their part in the following ten years, environmental change will just keep on intensifying to our own hindrance. More on that in future posts.

This month, as we roll our extraordinary hijab magnets (to help secure your hijab without making unnecessary pin openings) towards the month's end following the drop of our Shaping Scrunchies a month ago, we are concentrating on establishments – what are the basic things you have to wear hijab, to feel certain about your hijab? From magnets to scrunchies to Ultimate Underscarves to great hijabs, we need to assist you with building a strong establishment.

We likewise realize that establishments go past what you really requirement for the physical wearing of hijab, so on the blog we are intending to jump profound into establishments over all everyday issues – from the establishments (otherworldly and handy) of your morning schedule to mainstays of good familial connections to the underpinnings of strong relationships. Insha'Allah this profound plunge will help we all reinforce our establishments as we start this new year.

With regards to our time of Haute Hijab tenth commemoration festivities, we are additionally presenting to you an "at that point and now" post, in which HH colleagues share their hijab looks of yesteryear versus their hijab style of now – sure to inspire some chuckling! In the event that we just knew, at that point (with respect to hijab style, certainty and confidence) what we know now!

On an individual note, I am happy to invite home my girl and spouse from Bangladesh, where they were serving on a clinical crucial the Rohingya displaced person camps close to Cox Bazaar. I had a great deal of reservations sending my 16-year-old alongside my significant other (it was his subsequent outing), yet Alhamdullilah everything worked out in a good way. To state her eyes were opened isn't doing the experience equity by any means.

She has vowed to expound on her encounters, which I want to impart to you here on the blog, in the event that you will humor me. In circumstances like these, our youngsters' eyes are opened up to all that is occurring far and wide and Insha'Allah will help spike we all to work past our usual ranges of familiarity to support neighborhood, national and worldwide networks out of luck.

Watch out for the blog in January and all through 2020! We have enormous plans! As usual, I ask you have an incredible month! May we as a whole be acceptable, use sound judgment and state Bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem.