From the Editor's Desk – Black History Month, Haute Hijab's 10th Anniversary & More!

From the Editor's Desk – Black History Month, Haute Hijab's 10th Anniversary & More!
As salaamu alaikum and hi everybody!

February is regularly a period for the post-occasion winter-season-trudge (it's truly not as cold as it ought to be the place I live, on the grounds that an Earth-wide temperature boost), yet I'm energized contemplating the accounts, articles and substance we have arranged for February (Black History Month) into March (Women's History Month)!

Dilshad Ali and her child.

With the period of assemblies and primaries having begun, driving up the presidential primaries in the mid year, I realize that the political (and undoubtedly hostile to Muslim) talk and minimization will begin increase again as it did in 2016. The distinction presently is that as American Muslims, we are progressively prepared for it. Many have taken their dread and outrage and directed it into pursuing position and engaging with governmental issues, activism, network building and that's only the tip of the iceberg. Others were doing that path before 2016.

Here at Haute Hijab I've been contemplating how this pattern of being "otherized" and underestimated isn't new for American Muslims or other minority networks. Dark Americans and Black Muslim Americans (among others) have confronted it for a considerable length of time. As my journalists and I examined story thoughts and subjects for February (driving into the spring), we continued hovering back to this thought as Muslim ladies, none of is this is new for us. What's more, that a significant number of us don't understand the gigantic and profound history we have as being a piece of the American texture.

We remain on the shoulders of mammoths – ladies who produced ways, both wide and restricted, that we are strolling on now. Educators, moms, experts, activists, researchers and more who we may not understand were accomplishing the difficult work of "living the obstruction" some time before that expression become famous and proclaimed.

We will present to you the accounts of a portion of these ladies, youthful and old, upon whose shoulders we stand and the individuals who are doing fabulous things currently as a component of our emphasis on "This is what America Resembles."

Somewhere else on the blog and all over our foundation, we are eager to make a big appearance a time of tenth commemoration festivities for HH! Would you be able to trust it's been a long time since Melanie and Ahmed established this organization? Our Community Manager Noor Suleiman, alongside other colleagues, have arranged an energizing year of exercises, festivities, giveaways and substance, which will make a big appearance this week! Stay tuned for that!

I trust you have an extraordinary month! Set aside effort to peruse and find out about your individual Black Muslim Americans, their battles, their encounters, their work. We are not restricted in our learning and development to the period of February. As my companion and individual HH blog author Layla Abdullah-Poulos composed a year ago,

There are a huge number of us doing fabulous things consistently. Try not to be restricted by dates on a schedule.

Dark Muslims are not your extension to ignore into Black mainstream society. How about we utilize this Black History Month as a chance to move how these accounts are devoured in Muslim culture and keep things poppin'!

Have an extraordinary month, and, similar to I tell my children constantly, may we as a whole be acceptable, use sound judgment and state Bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem.

Editorially yours,