From the Editor's Desk – Tackling Politics, Spring Fashion & More in March

From the Editor's Desk – Tackling Politics, Spring Fashion & More in March
As salaamu alaikum and hi everybody!

As the idiom goes, "trust springs unceasing," and I'm resolved to lift trust as I support myself for the difficulties ahead this spring. I don't think about you, however it's been an extreme time around the Ali family unit: Two of my youngsters were wiped out with this season's flu virus and I was debilitated with all the fixings yet influenza in thinking about them.

In the same way as other of you, we've additionally been watching the spread of the coronavirus with concern. This is on other private and worldwide concerns accumulating – from the situation of Muslims (and humankind) in Rohingya, Syria, China, Palestine and even here in the West as political decision season begins to increase. In any case, I disclose to myself that I just can't live in this eternity condition of fate and despair. Allah (S) asked me (and you) to plant a tree, regardless of whether/when the Resurrection has arrived. In this way, keeping that in mind, how about we talk about what we are doing on the blog at Haute Hijab to plant our trees.

Dilshad Ali and Dr. Taruj Ali

Me and my significant other after we gave our decision on Super Tuesday in Virginia.

A month ago I enlightened you regarding our "This is What America Looks Like'' crusade over our HH stages, and Alhamdullilah it's been working out in a good way! We've highlighted some powerhouse ladies on the blog, and we have a greater amount of that to come in March, including a concentration from HH blog essayist Nargis Rahman on Muslim ladies who have run or are pursuing neighborhood positions over the United States.

Blog author Layla Abdullah-Poulos is likewise carrying you increasingly fabulous meetings with some overly solid and dynamic youthful Muslim ladies who are serving in chose limits in their neighborhood governments. How cool is that? (As you read and ideally share these accounts on your own foundation, remember to utilize the hashtag #ThisIsWhatAmericaLooksLike.)

It's significant for us to perceive that we are in a more grounded position than four years prior when Trump got to work, and all the Muslims who pursued position are proof of that. Blog author Danah Shuli is assembling a reflection piece about her sentiments when Trump was chosen in 2016 (and she turned into a mother just because) versus now as we head into the 2020 races. Get the job done to say, we won't be pushed down.

On the style side of things, March proclaims the happening to spring and with that, we will discuss all the patterns and hues that are new and drifting on the runways and how that means our spring prints! Our design essayist Rowayda Kawji will give you how and why even the most print-vigilant lady can and should check out print hijabs!

Lastly, in light of the fact that we as a whole need some satisfaction and fun in our lives, I'm SO EXCITED to talk with Yes I'm Hot in This writer and visual craftsman Huda Fahmy about her forthcoming new book, That Can Be Arranged, which accounts her excursion in affection and marriage! My little girl, my more youthful child and I all just slurped up the survey duplicate I got a week ago, and you are going to cherish this book!

We should continue planting those trees, ya'll! We have to. Go out and vote today and in up and coming races, particularly the general political decision this coming November! What's more, similar to I tell my children constantly, may we as a whole be acceptable, use sound judgment and state Bismillah-hir-rahman-nir-raheem.

Editorially yours,