Go Behind the Scenes of Design and Production of Our Latest Product – Shaping Scrunchies!

Go Behind the Scenes of Design and Production of Our Latest Product – Shaping Scrunchies!
For some ladies, one of the most fundamental devices of the exchange to corral hair into a pig tail or bun under a hijab is the pervasive scrunchie. It's an entirely simple approach to tie one's hair in an assortment of styles and can be a compelling method to balance one's hair bun or pig tail, giving it a decent shape. A ton of us have that top pick, go-to scrunchie – the one that grasps your hair spot on and doesn't sneak out, the one that gives you the shape you need under your hijab without including pointless mass or an excess of volume.

Actually, scrunchies are basic to such an extent that you may be pondering as I did – for what reason was it significant for Haute Hijab to create one? Be that as it may, the more I went in the background to see that it is so difficult to build up that ideal, go-to scrunchie and how significant this extra is to numerous hijab-wearing ladies, the more it seemed well and good. The excursion to making the ideal HH Shaping Scrunchie is really a truly muddled undertaking! I plunked down with our Creative Director Gizelle Begler and had her take me through the procedure, from beginning to end.

Haute Hijab forming scrunchie

Models take a stab at the Shaping Scrunchie in the enormous size with and without a hijab.

Explain to me about the idea – for what reason did HH choose to structure and produce our own scrunchies?

As usual, our central goal is to cause all hijab-wearing ladies to feel great and certain about their hijab. We need them to look and feel faultless when they exit the entryway. Yet, what great is culminating your hijab style without a decent establishment underneath? We're a hijab organization, and we're making wonderful hijabs, however in the event that your bun is jacked underneath your hijab or your hair is dropping out, at that point how might you feel positive about your hijab?

How is a lady holding up her hair? Bun shape is a tremendous thing in hijab design. A scrunchie is such a straightforward item, and you can go anyplace. Be that as it may, our items are structured explicitly for the hijab-wearing lady. We're not here to rehash an already solved problem, however we need to furnish you with the most ideal adaptation of it for your necessities.

How could you do inquire about on this? What did you find out about what worked in scrunchie world and what didn't (with respect to hijabi ladies wearing them)?

The scrunchies that are out there – regularly they're excessively little or too enormous, or they need flexibility. They can be excessively free or too tight with the end goal that you can't fold it over twice. We likewise realize that a great deal of hijabis who need some roundness in their hair fold another hijab over their bun, and that is simply a lot of weight on their poor heads. There so much strain and weight on your hairline.

On the off chance that we could structure something to wear around a lady's bun, doesn't gauge a million pounds and doesn't slip around, at that point why not?

There's heaps of scrunchies out there. There are glossy silk scrunchies, diverse texture loads. Be that as it may, in conversing with hijabis and with Melanie, the most favored texture will in general be velvet. It's sufficiently solid to hold shape and doesn't effortlessly fall. What's more, the heap – the surface of the texture – makes grating and doesn't effectively sneak out of smooth hair. Likewise, velvet scrunchies are one of the staples you find in hijab stores.

scrunchie model

Innovative Director Gizelle Begler shares her plan drawings and early models for the Shaping Scrunchie.

Talk me through the structure procedure of making the ideal scrunchie!

Like I stated, we weren't attempting to rehash an already solved problem here; we were attempting to figure out what might make the best wheel – the best scrunchie for hijab-wearing ladies. Our exploration demonstrated this implied it not sneaking out of your hair and assisting with generally speaking bundle shape – making a progressively adjusted shape under your hijab.

Making our own scrunchie additionally was an individual inclination of Melanie, who obviously invests a great deal of energy pondering hijab and hijab extras. At that point we considered distinctive hair volumes and surfaces. We knew one size of a scrunchie wasn't going to cut it. We needed to have a littler one that circumvents ladies with thicker hair. At that point we considered more slender hair. For instance, my hair isn't thick. At the point when I make a bun, it is little and frail looking. I required a bigger scrunchie that I could fold over twice. Thus, two sizes.

We found the ideal velvet texture when we went to Dubai the previous spring. We strolled around and took a gander at various textures in the souq. There are such huge numbers of various types of velvet. There is a squashed velvet that is more slender and breakdown simpler. We had an example made in that and understood that a stiffer velvet is better. Velvet can likewise go the other way and be excessively substantial and solid. Along these lines, we searched for the correct velvet and had an example made.

We proceeded with the inspecting procedure once we returned to New York. We had our processing plant in Dubai make the examples, experiencing a great deal of emphasess to get our last item. You could never envision the measure of work that goes into a scrunchie! We took a stab at including more creases just as extra creases with ruching. Yet, when we over-ruched it and over-seamed it, it lost its cushion and turned into this thick chunk of creases and assembles. That was a fall flat.

We likewise took a gander at kinds of versatile and examined a few, thinking about both stretch and width. All together, it's been around a seven-month process! There's a significant measure of work that goes into a scrunchie. The nature of the velvet and the versatile, the work that goes into it – it is generous. However, similarly as with all that we produce for our clients and network, we need to put out a decent item, made reasonably, with the expectation that you don't need to purchase another for a little while. It should last. What's more, scrunchies do keep going for quite a long time, particularly when you have a revolution of them.

Gizelle Begler and Emma Williams estimating scrunchies

Gizelle measures Senior CX Associate Emma William's bun size as she researches for the Shaping Scrunchie

What is the reason for the HH scrunchie? To shape your bun? I don't get that's meaning concerning molding your bun as opposed to volumizing it?

The scrunchie is intended to help with your bun circulation. At the point when you put the scrunchie around your bun, it balances the "stub" and gives it a pleasant shape, mollifies the suddenness of your hair knock under the hijab – henceforth why we consider it the Shaping Scrunchie! We're not here to make an item that gives you this colossal knock under your head. We need to give you a scrunchie that gives your hair under your hijab a pleasant round shape and keeps it set up.

We likewise need to help accelerate your hijab-wrapping procedure and make it simpler for you to shape your hair. It fills a comparative need as the ruching board in a portion of our Ultimate Underscarves.

You may need to tie your bun with a normal versatile band first, and afterward wrap the scrunchie around it for an increasingly secure hold. Be that as it may, you can protect your hair with the scrunchie without anyone else, contingent upon the thickness and surface of your hair.

We certainly trust our clients love it! It's been such a work of adoration to make this embellishment!