Helping Hispanic Families of Converts Understand Islam - An Interview with Vilma Santos

Helping Hispanic Families of Converts Understand Islam - An Interview with Vilma Santos
For over ten years, a developing number of Hispanics (generally ladies) in the U.S. furthermore, Latin America have been leaving Catholicism and entering Islam, with Hispanic Muslims developing as a segment in American Muslim culture. Change to Islam (or any new confidence) accompanies numerous difficulties originating from a move in an amazing living. Loved ones may likewise locate another Muslim's progress into their confidence difficult to acknowledge. An absence of comprehension about the religion can prompt strain and breaks inside the family.

Vilma Santos, the new host of the show Construyendo Puentes de Paz (Building Bridges of Peace) with Vilma A Santos on America's Islamic Radio, knows about these battles. Her goal is to give data to non-Muslim Hispanics who might be attempting to get Islam. Santos is a visual architect brought up in Puerto Rico. She examined instruction at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico and Suffolk County Community College in New York and gives da'wah (educating about Islam) in Spanish for various associations.

Santos generous set aside some effort to share her encounters in interfaith and intracultural da'wah just as and connecting with non-Muslims in Latin America, so they can get familiar with Islam.

Vilma Santos

Vilma Santos recording for America's Islamic Radio.

You've worked for quite a long time in da'wah to *Latinos in the U.S. What drives you to accomplish the work?

I began being dynamic in interfaith [work] around 14 years back. I chose to work together with various da'wah associations, similar to Muslims Giving Back, American Muslims for Hunger Relief, Why Islam and Islam in Spanish ten years prior.

I live with lupus and was amazingly wiped out from my first assault. The specialists revealed to me that there was very little they could do by then. I made a ton of du'a and visited the Haram ordinarily. I supplicated, Please, Allah. In the event that my time isn't done, it would be ideal if you make a wonder with me. I have faith in you. It would be ideal if you excuse my transgressions in the event that you are taking me. In any case, I will be content with your choice.

I chose to take my child to Florida and invest a portion of my last days with him. At the point when we returned fourteen days after the fact, He let me know, "Mother, your face is evolving." after four months, the pro revealed to me that my lupus was disappearing. I realized my sickness didn't have a fix, yet I felt good and was [able to get] out of the bed.

I comprehended that I expected to work. I needed to express gratitude toward Allah for his marvel. That is the point at which I began doing interfaith and straight da'wah. [Various organizations] required somebody who communicated in Spanish. They began asking me, and I said yes.

What are a portion of the things that make Latinos intrigued by Islam?

I wouldn't state there is a particular explanation. Numerous individuals [show interest] in light of the fact that they have a Muslim relative, neighbor or colleague, and they need to get familiar with somewhat more [about the faith]. I discovered extremely intriguing that numerous individuals come since they felt despondency in their life, and Islam and the Holy Quran is a message of expectation. They feel nearer to God with the manner in which Islam presents as a religion, so they feel somewhat better.

For my situation, I felt a great deal of sorrow. I was living totally in the dunya (world). Discovering Islam caused me to feel increasingly make sure about and quiet, and I studied otherworldliness and elements that are significant for individuals and their serenity.

Following the supplications and the dedication an individual makes with God helps a ton since they should be increasingly deferential and cognizant. I believe that is a significant motivation behind why [one's] level of cognizance is higher when they attempt to rehearse Islam.

What are a few difficulties confronting Latino Muslims inside Muslim spaces?

Presumably, the family is the greatest test. We [often] can't have great associations with our relatives when we practice our religion. A large portion of them don't comprehend and have entirely unexpected thoughts regarding what our religion implies.

Another enormous test that individuals don't understand [involves] our characters. Our characters are lost. [Many of us] become Muslim with the assistance of somebody from a [majority] Muslim nation, and we begin mirroring what they do and begin befuddling what is religion and what is culture. It makes the Hispanic Muslim people group so isolated on the grounds that we naturally imagine that individuals originating from those nations are right.

We feel the need to have a family yet need [familial] support since we hear babble as, you don't need to tune in to your family; you don't need to tune in to your mom. That partitions us and damages our spirits and characters.

You are another host on America's Islamic Radio. Would you be able to disclose to us a little about your show?

Building Bridges is a program that I began some time prior with one of my companions. We saw the need for loved ones of Muslim believers to build up a superior comprehension of Islam. We needed to discuss Islam legitimately to families and neighbors and make changes over's lives simpler.

We propelled a fruitful one-day program that included loved ones of Muslim proselytes who needed to give support yet didn't see how to, on the grounds that there are no projects that ask how an individual feels being Latina/o and Muslim.

America's Islamic Radio reached me, and we had a discussion. I informed them concerning the program, and they said it was something they were searching for. The radio demonstrate offered an approach to discuss confidence and character and talk about close to home circumstances, battles and difficulties. I thought it was entirely astonishing and acknowledged the idea to do the show. It's imperative to me. My family endured a great deal when I changed over to Islam. There was insufficient data for them. We're doing it rice and beans style, with a great deal of earnestness and words they can comprehend.

Alhamdulillah, the show is [well received]. I love it when individuals, including non-Muslims, disclose to me how stunning the program is. It makes me need to proceed. Many individuals were additionally vexed. They disclosed to me that I was getting some distance from new Muslims who required me, however I'm definitely not. I'm giving open doors for families. Individuals ask me, "Hello, Vilma, would you be able to converse with my mother? Would you be able to converse with my father? Would you be able to converse with my cousin?" This program will open the entryway for non-Muslims to realize what Islam is.

Vilma Santos

For what reason is it significant for the demonstrate to be in Spanish?

In numerous Latin American nations, the narratives of what occurred with Spanish history isn't all around disclosed when we go to class. It generally begins with Christopher Columbus finding America. That is the reason I was so interested with Islam. It was something new to me that has a place with my way of life, however for reasons unknown, that wasn't told in school.

We should be in the media telling individuals that Islam isn't just for Arabs. It is a piece of our history. That is the reason we do the show in Spanish, so individuals can see better. It's a human [and Islamic] option to clarify in the language of the individuals and make it simpler for them to comprehend.

What are a portion of the subjects you spread?

[We center around the] nuts and bolts of Islam. What is Islam; for what reason do individuals implore five times each day? Now and then, I talk about things that transpired in the past [and] clever stories to assist individuals with seeing from an alternate view. We will have individuals on the show later on.

What are a portion of the normal inquiries non-Muslim relatives pose to you? What are a few misguided judgments you continually address?

[They consistently get some information about how] men can have four spouses. They [also] have this thought Muslim men are permitted to abuse their spouses, to take the children [and] hit the lady. Whatever the media says.

My family [thought] that I quit cherishing Jesus. I felt like they felt like I was a trickster. There are a great deal of families like that. [For] many individuals who convert to Islam, that is the primary concern. You're a swindler since you don't cherish Jesus any longer.

[They'll say] see what you're doing to me. They think about it literally, and they would prefer not to investigate. It is significant that the family comprehends what's up. On the off chance that your family observes that there is something lovely there, they should assist you with understanding the nuts and bolts of Islam.

What are a few different ways that you interface with Muslims from assorted foundations?

I was brought up in Puerto Rico. It is simpler for me to associate with various foundations since I grew up basically, and Islam instructs us to live in straightforwardness. I love to converse with individuals and see what they share for all intents and purpose with me. I am a talker. I proceed to converse with everyone. I couldn't care less where they're from.

In case you're keen on finding out additional, these Islamic associations administration Hispanic Muslims: Latino American Dawah Organization, La Asociación Latino Musulmana de América,, IslamInSpanish, HablamosIslam, PIEDAD.

*Note from Layla, creator of this meeting: Hispanics are individuals who communicate in Spanish and are relatives of Spanish-Speaking individuals. Latinos are individuals in or relatives of individuals from Latin America. They don't all communicate in Spanish. For instance, my relative is Hispanic and Latina. She communicates in Spanish, and her folks are from Puerto Rico. My better half's sibling and the greater part of his cousins are Latino/a. They're guardians/grandparents are from Puerto Rico or some other piece of Latin America, yet they don't communicate in Spanish. The words are frequently utilized conversely