Infants Born During Shark Week Will Get Adorable 'Baby Shark' Onesies at a Cincinnati Hospital

Infants Born During Shark Week Will Get Adorable 'Baby Shark' Onesies at a Cincinnati Hospital

Shark Week is expanding to a much younger and more adorable fanbase this year.

Indeed, even infants can get in on the Shark Week fun.

In festivity of Discovery Channel's mid year TV convention, The Christ Hospital Health Network is helping any child conceived between July 28 and Aug. 3 to be the most cute (and most youthful) Shark Week fan out there.

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Infants conceived during the time will get an "Infant Shark" onesie from the Cincinnati medical clinic, while the Newport Aquarium, situated in Kentucky, will give two free grown-up passes to the fortunate guardians of the shark-styled infant.

The onesie peruses "Infant Shark! Do," which is a line from the famous kids' tune.

Bo McMillan, a senior advertising expert at The Christ Hospital Health Network, disclosed to CNN that the emergency clinic regularly gives out onesies during a vacation, and Shark Week was no exemption.

"We regularly pick an occasion in a particular month and give out onesies on that day or the few days of the occasion," McMillan clarified. "This is the first occasion when we've done it for an entire week."

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As indicated by the outlet, the clinic has just given out 75 onesies since Sunday, and they expect 150-175 additional children to be conceived by Aug. 3.

The emergency clinic is likewise demonstrating a moment long video of the contrasts between a human child and a shark infant, and for those that don't have a clue, there are bounty.

Revelation Channel's Shark Week commenced its 31st year on Sunday and highlights 20 hours of unique programming throughout the entire week, including its previously scripted full length film: Capsized: Blood in the Water. The famous actors Josh Duhamel and Tyler Blackburn in a sensational story dependent on a genuine 1982 shark experience.