Introducing LÄSSIG

We are commencing 2020 with some energizing news! We have authoritatively invited the stunning LÄSSIG to Natural Baby Shower. We have been following the brand for whatever length of time that we can recall and couldn't hold on to have them ready and carry their flawless items to our clients. We love them and their devotion to the earth, and we figure you will as well! In any case, who are LÄSSIGand what makes them extraordinary?

Presenting LÄSSIG

Who are LÄSSIG?

LÄSSIGare a family possessed brand that make wonderful and utilitarian family basics that consolidate imagination with corporate obligation. From child rearing basics, to sharp materials and useful infant items, every one of their items are astounding in structure, quality and maintainability. Maintainability is at the core of all that they do and is a key piece of their way of thinking and mentality.

How everything started

LÄSSIGmeans "easygoing" in German. Not just in name, LÄSSIGalso apply the importance of the word to their items. They create items that are easygoing, delightful and utilitarian just as being fun and make life simpler for occupied families.

LÄSSIGstarted in 2007 from basic inquiries: Can infant items be practible and wonderful? Why not make family basics made out of materials that guardians truly like and would need to utilize constantly? LÄSSIG realized that they had the ideal responses to these inquiries and needed to help have any kind of effect.

Presenting Lassig

LÄSSIGknew they needed to make excellent and utilitarian structures, yet similarly bolster and ensure the earth through each progression of the plan and assembling process. Through high representative gauges, producing forms, ecologically well disposed materials and waste decreasing practices; LÄSSIG have demonstrated supportability isn't only a key maxim, however a demeanor fundamental to their image.

LÄSSIG Responsibility

However, what steps do LÄSSIG take to carry on dependably and bolster the security of nature and people? We realize maintainable creation is additionally getting progressively essential to our clients – so we just interpretation of brands that are as committed to nature as we are through the parity of creation, feasible material determination and multi-utilitarian applications.

Presenting LÄSSIG


LÄSSIG acknowledge duty regarding their representatives similarly as they accomplish for the individuals who work in their assembling offices in different nations. They by and by assess the working states of these offices and just work with organizations that hold fast to work security guidelines and who pay and treat their representatives well.


LÄSSIGincreasingly produce their items with reused, untreated and earth neighborly materials. These incorporate reused polyester from PET jugs, GOTS affirmed natural cotton, water-sparing substances and materials, where the assembling forms require exceptional creation strategies requiring less synthetic concoctions and where assets are preserved.

Presenting LÄSSIG


The least demanding and best approach to lessen waste and help the planet is to make items that have multi-useful utilizations that can develop with your family while additionally having the option to stand the trial of time with their quality. LÄSSIG plan smart and creative multi-practical items with their ageless styles and strength.


To give back and state thank you for the accomplishment of their items, LÄSSIG have made it their guarantee to help countless beneficent activities. They have a long duty to a wide range of natural, youngsters and creature insurance extends far and wide.

Presenting LÄSSIG

Grant Winning

Obviously, LÄSSIG's difficult work and astounding structures have been compensated with various esteemed honors as acknowledgment. They have won worldwide honors for remarkable item plan, development, maintainability and quality. These incorporate the Red Dot Award, German Brand Award, German Design Award, Top 100 and the sky is the limit from there!

These honors strengthen what we definitely know, LÄSSIG is an entirely astonishing brand and their items are really astounding as well!

Our Favourties

Here are a couple of our preferred items for the entire family from the LÄSSIG assortment.

About Friends Children Bags

These charming youngsters packs are the ideal little sacks for your little one to haul their things around in. We love the magnets in the ears, eyes and mouth which lets their minds go crazy. You can cover their little eyes, ears and noses, in addition to they can even clasp hands with their companions rucksacks.

Presenting Lassig

Bamboo Plates

Supper time just got eco! These plates are produced using 100% bamboo wood that likewise includes a silicone hostile to sup suction underneath. Maintainable and useful.

Presenting Lassig

Natural Knitted Clothing

Comfortable and charming, LÄSSIG have a perfect assortment of natural weaved dress produced using GOTS ensured natural cotton and great Eri silk. The novel mix of materials guarantee your little one is kept warm in winter and cool in summer.

Presenting Lassig

Snail Pouf Cushion

It doesn't get any cuter than this snail pouf for your little ones nursery. Ideal expansion to any nursery, that would then be able to turn into their ideal spot for play and cuddles as they develop.