Introducing the BeSafe iZi Kid X2 i-Size

Introducing the BeSafe iZi Kid X2 i-Size
Grant Winning Safety from the Scandinavian Specialists

Norwegian vehicle seat authorities BeSafe have been providing wellbeing to families since 1963. At the turn of the twentieth century, BeSafe's unique manifestation HTS were worried about seats of an alternate kind – horse saddles. As the most well known method of transport changed from pony to torque, the organization started making vehicle seats for kids, to keep security a top need in a universe of evolving innovation.

This decades-old commitment to wellbeing is a piece of the cutting edge BeSafe's way of thinking, with a dream to having no more kids genuinely harmed in street mishaps. This way of thinking is one reason we are so satisfied to be a stockist of BeSafe and their developments.

The BeSafe iZi Kid X2 I-Size

The most recent expansion to the BeSafe ordinance is the iZi Kid X2 I-Size. It is a refreshed variant of its antecedent, iZi Kid X1-Size. The principle new component of this seat is its one of a kind side-sway assurance innovation, securely shielding infants and babies from mishaps including a side effect.

Another incredible component is the nearness of customizable ISOfix arms that take into consideration extra legroom as your kid develops. This implies your kid can appreciate back confronting assurance up to the age of four, as empowered by specialists.

The iZi Kid X2 I-Size was introduced as test victor of its classification (ca. 1-4 yrs) by ADAC, and scored the remarkable wellbeing consequence of 1.1 – the most noteworthy security score of its classification at any point recorded by ADAC/Stiftung Warentest. It has moreover breezed through the Swedish Plus Assessment, which makes it probably the most secure seat available. The iZi Kid X2 I-Size was additionally granted "Best Buy" by the UK Consumer association Which?.

What is I-Size and for what reason is it significant?

I-Size is a vehicle seat security guideline that is the new standard utilized across Europe. Intended to make a more secure travel condition for kids, I-Size is a standard comprised of four important highlights:

Back looking from 0-4

Back confronting vehicle seats have been a staple of Scandinavian driving for a long time, henceforth BeSafe's energy for giving them to UK families. The I-Size guideline implies kids must be back looking up until at any rate 15 months, in spite of the fact that the BeSafe iZi Kid X2 I-Size permits this as of recently old. This is because of the fundamentally uplifted wellbeing – up to 75%! To realize why back confronting vehicle seats are so significant, thus a lot more secure, see our highlighted blog Why Choose Rear-Facing?

Assurance from side effects

Past vehicle seat guidelines just expect seats to be tried against back and front effects. It isn't basic by current models to offer assurance against side effects, disregarding these kinds of mishaps making up 25% all things considered. I-Size will legitimately require vehicle seats to offer guaranteed assurance, something our new BeSafe item is pleased to offer.

Appropriateness controlled by tallness not weight

I-Size will decrease the disarray a few guardians have about whether their vehicle seat is reasonable for their kid. At present, vehicle seats are found in weight classifications, anyway numerous youngsters are various loads at a similar age. With I-Size, vehicle seats will be sorted by the stature of your kid – something simpler to gauge offering less disarray.

ISOFIX fitting as a standard

Research has proposed that up to 75% of belt-fitted vehicle seats are introduced inaccurately, expanding the threat to your kid. Basically ISOFIX is an advancement to vehicle seats, both back and front oriented. ISOFIX's main role is to diminish the danger of inaccurately introducing vehicle seat, making establishments basic and giving mums and fathers genuine feelings of serenity.

For more data on I-Size and the eventual fate of vehicle seat guidelines, see this piece from

For what reason would it be a good idea for me to pick the new BeSafe iZi Kid X2 I-Size?

As the name suggests, BeSafe is about wellbeing. Obviously, all vehicle seat producers have wellbeing as a top need, anyway the whole ethos and reasoning of BeSafe – join with their decades-old nearness in the business – settle on them a top decision for some guardians. BeSafe's site records a scope of highlights that guarantee is it safe at this moment, and in accordance with future enactment:

Effectively mounted with ISOfix and clear markers shows when the vehicle seat is accurately amassed which decreases the danger of inaccurate use

Extra side effect insurance with SIP+ (Side Impact Protection+)

The headrest can be effectively balanced in tallness with one hand, guaranteeing that the vehicle seat develops with the youngster

Protected front support that precisely secures the seat in the vehicle and gives an incredibly solid mounting

Movable ISOfix arms that creates more legroom for the youngster and permits the vehicle seat occupy less room in the vehicle

Magnets in the bridle make it simple to get your kid all through the vehicle seat

The flexible resting position can be effectively balanced during the ride to give the youngster additional solace

Ventilation in the rear of the seat for additional solace

Body Hugger included