Introducing The SnuzKot

Introducing The SnuzKot
The SnuzKot: Let Your Nursery Grow with Your Family

Snuz has seen huge accomplishment with the SnuzPod bedside den. The straightforward, safe, and perfectly planned bunk has been perhaps the greatest dealer. Permitting guardians to be near infant during the early months of their life is something we at Natural Baby Shower really put stock in.

With the colossal accomplishment of the SnuzPod, Snuz has a fabulous new bed that is intended to develop with your family, adjusting into a baby bed use until four years of age, and an extra expansion for a lesser bed for kids to go through until the age of ten. With fifteen bunk bed styles and hues to look over, the SnuzKot is a wonderful and useful household item that can turn into the focal point of any nursery.

We should take a gander at the assortments we realize you will cherish!

The Rococo Range

This range offers a blend of clean lines and ratty chic accents. Accessible in white and dim, the bed and changing unit include an advanced adjusted body with customary decreased legs and thin bunk bars, mixing together the great with the contemporary.

Extravagant Range

Extravagant Cot and Change Table

The Skandi Range

The SnuzKot Skandi go is both energetic and eye-getting, just as oversimplified and down to earth. We simply love the uniqueness and strength of the Scandinavian themed furniture. The bed highlights fun, hued supports with a characteristic wood internal edge, while the changing unit remains in a state of harmony with beautiful legs and handles. Accessible in normal, mono, orange and blue, the Skandi assortment is an unquestionable requirement have expansion for your classy minimal one's room.

Skandi Range

Skandi Cot and Change Table

The Luxe Range

Luxury carries some retro appeal to your child's room, accessible in both a splendid white and a profound coffee conceal. Highlighting a 70s-chic casing and legs, the bed can be a point of convergence for your nursery, or part of a bigger plan conspire. The changing unit additionally mixes perfectly with its nostalgic square handles and coordinating legs.

Luxury Ranage

Luxury Cot and Change Unit

The Mode Range

The SnuzKot Mode range will include an explosion of shading into your little one's nursery! We love the brilliant hued bed supports which add an enjoyment vibe to your nursery. This range comes in three flawless hues, including a marshmallow pink, light blue and an overcast dim, with a coordinating changing unit to bring the entire structure of your nursery together.

Mode Rnage

Mode Cot and Change Table

Why We Love the SnuzKot

There are such huge numbers of reasons we love the SnuzKot, not in particular its flexibility and capacity to reach out as you kid gets more seasoned. At the point when you purchase the Junior Extension Kit, you can expand the life expectancy of your bunk as of recently old! This implies your nursery can turn into a room, giving your kid comfort all through their first decade.

Renditions of SnuzKot

The highlights include:

No MDF of facade, and satisfies British security guidelines

Produced using a strong beech edge and utilizing treated steel fixings

Utilize the bed from birth until 4 years

Little child bed can be spent until 4 years of age, and fits in with wellbeing benchmarks

Bed can be utilized for kids as long as 10 years of age when you purchase the Junior Extension Kit (accessible independently)

We think the SnuzKot will be a distinct advantage for nursery furniture, from a brand that have just caused a ripple effect with the SnuzPod. We can hardly wait to hear what you think about this extraordinary new item!