Is it normal for my breastfed baby not to poop for days?

Is it normal for my breastfed baby not to poop for days?

Q: My breastfed baby often goes four or five days without pooping. Is this normal?

An: It's not irregular for a breastfed child to go that long without a poopy diaper (particularly following 2 months). Since bosom milk has the ideal healthful equalization for your infant, there's next to no waste delivered from it (which means having less grimy diapers than a baby who is equation taken care of). It's increasingly critical to focus on your infant's mind-set. It is safe to say that he is content and fun loving as normal or does he appear to be increasingly fastidious or awkward, particularly after feedings? On the off chance that your child doesn't appear himself, loses his craving, and has a firm, delicate gut, he may be obstructed.

At the point when he at last does crap, ensure your child's not stressing or in torment and that his diaper substance look typical (not very hard or ridiculous). Assuming this is the case, everything is presumably fine. In case you're despite everything concerned or your infant goes an entire week without crapping, call your pediatrician. Intestinal medicines are once in a while utilized on babies, yet your doc may propose you absorb your infant a hot shower, rub his stomach, or give him a couple of ounces of water or prune juice, which would all be able to help release his stools.

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