Joolz = Sustainable + Stylish

Joolz = Sustainable + Stylish
Just as being excessively classy, Joolz expect to give the absolute best usefulness to you and your infant. Ideal for style cognizant guardians and those focused on thinking about the earth. We're going in the background and investigating the activities Joolz has set up to guarantee their image remains eco-accommodating, reasonable and better than the rest! 🌱🌍

Joolz = Sustainable + Stylish

A tree planted for your child...

Our earth could utilize more green. That is the reason Joolz will plant a tree for each client's child in the Joolz Birth Forest. Essentially register your pushchair on and Joolz will plant your tree for you + your little one!

Joolz cooperates with Tree-Nation, a planting network devoted to battling environmental change, deforestation and destitution. The La Pedregoza Plantation is situated in the Orinoco River bowl in Colombia and is known as 'the lungs of the world'. Near the rainforest, this is the ideal area to add to CO² decrease and carries manageable advancement to the nearby network.

Joolz Birth Forest

Try not to discard me!

"It's such a disgrace to discard such cardboard," the imaginative chief of Joolz remarked one day. Furthermore, that is the place it began. Joolz returned to their energetic vision and concocted reusing their bundling.

Both of all shapes and sizes cardboard boxes – unload them first – at that point convert them into a winged creature box, a reindeer, a seat and that's just the beginning! So don't discard the bundling - reusing is better for the earth and, who knows, your little one may pick up something as well.

Joolz = Sustainable + Stylish

Joolz HQ

Take a look at the Joolz Headquarters in Amsterdam. It's housed in a reasonably remodeled processing plant with keen vitality unbiased arrangements, for example, three nurseries that fill in as meeting rooms and 200 sun oriented boards on the rooftop. To help their workers' prosperity, Joolz serve solid snacks each day and have an in-house yoga and sports office. The structure really is the embodiment of Joolz' Positive Design reasoning and makes another stride towards an increasingly practical world.