Looking to Make New Friends? Here are Some Hijabs We'd Like You to Meet!

Looking to Make New Friends? Here are Some Hijabs We'd Like You to Meet!
It's school year kickoff time! At Haute Hijab Academy for the World's Most Powerful Women, we're preparing for another astounding year. Hoping to make a few companions? We have a few young ladies you have to meet!


Jersey Hijab

Picture source: Fatima @fatima.b.ibrahim

Jersey is the young lady in school who's by one way or another companions with *everyone.* Whether featuring in the school melodic or destroying it on the b-ball court, we're in amazement of how she is by all accounts ready to do everything.


Chiffon Hijab

Picture source: Lauleh @adayinthelalz

Understudy body president, straight-An understudy and future valedictorian – with regards to completing things in style, few can compare to Chiffon. Time is of the pith, so when she's preparing she goes after a wrinkle-safe hijab that is constantly smooth and cleaned, much the same as her.


Thick Hijab

Picture source: Monica @salamgirlpodcast

The quintessential young lady nearby, Viscose is a balance of solid and delicate – she's similarly as at home buckling down in class as she is kicking back with companions. Known for her laid-back, windy vibe, it's essentially incomprehensible not to like her.


Chiffon Print Hijabs

Picture source: Mariah @mariahidrissi

A world explorer, achieved craftsman and speaker of numerous dialects – and that is simply starting to expose what's underneath. Prints stuns the world with her affection for shading and eye for assortment. You never entirely comprehend what's in store with Prints, however whatever it will be, it's certain to be enjoyable!


Silk Hijabs

Picture source: Garima Parnami @gparnami

The visionary of the gathering, Silk may appear *fancy* however she's shockingly practical – a nature young lady on a basic level. At the point when she's not in class, you'll probably locate her outside meeting with nature or simply getting a charge out of the natural air with a decent book.

Modular Maxi

Modular Maxi Hijab

Picture source: Noor @noore

Warm and ameliorating, Modal Maxi is the one that simply has a talent for lifting the spirits of people around her – her companions know her as the "mother" of the gathering. She's a take the path of least resistance sort of young lady who's prepared for anything.

Glossy silk

Glossy silk hijab

Picture source: Hoda @watshoodie

She's excellence, and she's beauty. Silk sparkles all around. Known as the breathtaking one of the gathering, she lives for style and wants to communicate through striking hues and rich surfaces. In any case, don't be tricked – she's definitely not shallow! When you become acquainted with her you'll find she's a complete softie.

During this school year kickoff season, let us deal with your hijab game so you can concentrate on changing the world! Gracious, and remember one of our HH Tote Bags for a Cause to flaunt your hijabi pride while conveying every one of your basics!