Making Her Mark in Fashion - an Interview with Stylist Hakeemah Cummings

Making Her Mark in Fashion - an Interview with Stylist Hakeemah Cummings
Hakeemah Cummings of CMB Styling took a bizarre course to the universe of humble design and styling! With her instruction in science, she nearly entered clinical school when she chose to attempt an alternate way. That choice, in addition to a defining moment at the main humble attire exhibit at D.C. Design Week in 2013, touched off her enthusiasm to lift unassuming design by turning into an individual beautician! I talked with Hakeemah about her beginning in styling, why it's so essential to hoist Muslim ladies' voices in design and why our Lightweight Woven Hijabs are her top choice!

Hakeemah Cummings, CMB Styling

How could you get your beginning in design and your organization, CMB Styling? Where did your advantage come from?

My enthusiasm for styling began when I saw my first unobtrusive design appear. It was 2013, and I went to the Haute and Modesty Show for D.C. Style Week. I got a brief look at the buzzing about of the behind the stage scene and needed to engage with the show's next season. I had just been selling hijabs on the web and had constructed little after on Facebook, however I needed to rotate, and this appears to be a portal to another strength.

I looked for life span, imagination and uniqueness in what I would bring to the table. The following season I styled my own grandstand for the runway and was snared! I worked with in excess of 10 originators and boutique proprietors to introduce 20 looks including their assortment pieces in a multi-creator runway exhibit. I was a hijabi since the age of 12, and it has been a piece of my life for over 10 years. Yet, at no other time had my enthusiasm for business enterprise, style and hijab all consolidated so splendidly.

I realized I needed to positively shape the humble design world.

You began doing your conventional training in science and practically going to clinical school - what drove you to modify your way?

My mom reveals to me I chose I needed to be a specialist in second grade, and I surmise I never lost that enthusiasm. I went to secondary school, at that point school and graduate school - and at each stage I found out increasingly more about the difficult work it would take to really satisfy that youth dream. I was acknowledged to clinical school in 2012 after a long and intense excursion towards at long last arriving at my objective. All through my tutoring I made genuine du'a that if turning into a specialist was beneficial for me, dear God, make it materialize. What's more, in the event that it wasn't - supplant it with what is better.

I let that dua be my managing light. My gigantic detour wound up being the way that I would need to hold up under a huge number of dollars in enthusiasm bearing credits so as to seek after my advanced education. That was something I was reluctant to do. I scoured for assets to assist me with these money related troubles, however there were none. I at last wound up at an intersection: One street was tolerating my seat in clinical school, advances and all, and the other street was tolerating that perhaps God had proclaimed something better outside of clinical school, in spite of the fact that I didn't have the foggiest idea what that would be.

I chose not to go to clinical school, and it was the best choice I at any point made. After six years I am hitched, moved to another state, have two kids, an imaginative enterprising endeavor in my styling business and encourage science at the school level. I think God gave me that my fantasy since I was eight years of age was not unachievable, yet it was additionally not my predetermination.

I had another way.

Educate us concerning that involvement in D.C. Design week in 2013 - what did it show you unobtrusive style and styling?

CMB Styling, Hakeemah Cummings

Hakeemah grandstands the Lightweight Woven Hijabs in Sand and Petal, the last of which is not, at this point sold. Be that as it may, get a comparable look with Rose Quartz. Styled with Aweea humble dresses. Photography by Amina Javed.

That first season in 2013 at D.C. Style Week instructed me that architects and attire suppliers are genuinely the powerhouses of the design development. I knew then that I needed to work related to modestwear suppliers to acquire their dress to new crowds an assortment of ways - from the runway and past. As I beautician, I knew could do only that.

I remained with D.C. Design Week for six seasons until 2017, in light of the fact that I put stock in indicating that Muslim ladies had a ton to offer the more extensive style industry. We are capable and innovative just as beautiful, and we pass on the message that externalization and sexualization of ladies isn't important to show the abilities of fashioners on the runway.

That first season demonstrated me a brief look at the matter of design - the multi-faceted industrial facilities that eventually makes us wear the hues we wear, style attire the manner in which we do and wear certain textures at specific occasions. It was enlightening that these features could likewise apply to hijab and Islamic/unassuming clothing. As a youngster, I addressed why Muslim ladies appeared to be relied upon to dress in one manner - and in the event that they veered from that, it was by all accounts inadmissible.

Muslim ladies appeared to not be urged to show imagination in their style, yet all that is changing [since then] and in an open manner. At that first design appear, just because, I was seeing ladies utilize the intensity of the web to spread the world that Muslim ladies' voices in style were not being heard. The extending assortment of approaches to remain Islamically secured and elaborately expressive was unbelievably captivating. I needed to be a piece of passing on that message.

How have you developed your business since 2013? Is it true that you are working more with unique individuals, style creators, design appears?

I have worked with many architects and garments boutiques, both in the U.S. just as globally, Alhamdulliah, since my beginning in 2011. I work with individual styling customers through my e-styling administration, which can be appointed from anyplace on the planet. Customers let me comprehend what they're looking for, and I assist them with thinking that its on the web. These customers will in general be singular ladies who are searching for something to wear to an occasion, an approach to dress a specific body type or simply redo their unassuming clothing determination somehow or another.

I additionally offer face to face closet redesigns for nearby customers in the Northern Virginia region. I cleanse your storage room, style your current closet and go out on the town to shop with you for new unassuming garments. I additionally have worked with a lot of creators to style searches for runway appears consistently, direct photoshoots with proficient models for their promoting materials and acquaint their brands with my internet based life crowd in an assortment of ways. I help new planners interface with makers just as offer meeting with architects on item advancement and assortment creation.

Alhamdulilah, I have developed in an assortment of ways all with the point of getting delightful ladies dressed unassumingly.

What is your preferred kind of outfit to wear?

I am about a flowy maxi dress and a wonderful wrap. In the event that I could wear a superb outfit and resemble a sovereign ordinary and pull it off easily, even on a task to the supermarket, I would thoroughly do it! I don't care to wear a huge amount of cosmetics, (I've never at any point put on lashes!) so I wouldn't state I'd prefer to be all out glitz. I like to look set up, yet additionally easy and modern. I love cosmetics that makes my face gleam and outfits with beautiful texture stream. That is my preferred look!

How might you portray your humble style?

Hakeemah Cummings, CMB Styling

Hakeemah is wearing the Modal Maxi Hijab in Pewter. Styled with Modest Xpression pinafore dress. Photography by Amina Javed.

Obviously, on a regular premise, I lamentably can't resemble a sovereign. I'm the mother of a multi year old and a multi year old. Life can be feverish, thus I must be down to earth. Be that as it may, my own style despite everything includes heaps of dresses and maxi skirts, abayas, kimonos and anything free and lovely. I have just one sets of genuine pants, so I'm unquestionably not an easygoing young lady - I simply attempt to wear what I love regardless of where I go - a gathering or the play area.

Regardless of whether every other person is in pants, I'm likely the one with a dress on. In any case, I'm ordinarily in agreeable shoes and generally tame styling - not very numerous adornments or difficulties. I love to blend in hues and print with essentials to tidy up an outfit. I truly esteem how I feel in an outfit since it reflects in my state of mind. Regardless of whether I'm wearing something standard, I love to get some charming shades and modest accessory or a pleasant lip shading. It causes my self-esteem to realize that I took the time on myself, since I care about my appearance.

How might you portray your own hijab styling? What sorts of hijabs do you like to wear?

I love getting overly innovative when styling models for shoots - that is the place I get all my innovativeness out. For my own style, I keep it generally basic - wrapped to cover all my hair and neck and hung pleasantly about the chest and shoulders. I don't care for wrapping my hijab firmly, so I love to wear textures that can wait, stream and are breathable, similar to the Woven Hijabs. I love to explore different avenues regarding shades of my hijabs since it can truly arrange an outfit to have the ideal hijab on. I'm a sorry prints hijab young lady - I love solids!

What is it about the Woven Hijab that interests to you?

The Woven Hijab is extraordinary in light of the fact that it is a wait texture that effectively shapes to your head without showing up tight. I love that you can accomplish a slight degree of volume with the woven texture because of the looser weave, which likewise makes the texture truly breathable. Probably the best thing about Haute Hijab's Lightweight Wovens is the size - it's really gigantic! You can get it in customary and maxi, and I love the maxi! I love that since I need to have enough texture to cover my chest, wrap on my shoulder, wrap over my back or some other extra styling I might want to do. I love stream, and this texture is flowy like chiffon however waits like shirt and is light and vaporous like thick - the ideal blend