Meet the Bugaboo Ant Compact Stroller

2019 imprints 20 years of Bugaboo. What began from 1 man's plan to reform the pushchair business developed to turn into a brand synonymous with inventive and utilitarian pushchairs made for the cutting edge family.

From a straightforward understudy's graduation venture thought grew a devoted and enthusiastic group working from a loft room in Amsterdam to create the first Bugaboopushchair. This little group worked fanatically yet unquestionably on the absolute first Bugaboo item, changing the graduation venture into a buggy prepared to address the issues of guardians all over the place.

Since the primary pushchair dispatch in 1999, Bugaboohave simply gone from solidarity to solidarity to bring guardians the best arrangements and inventive plans. Bugaboohave reformed the whole business and keep on bringing new champion plans.

Bogeyman Ant

An extraordinary case of Bugaboo's devotion to advancement and their continually developing plan center is the dispatch of their fresh out of the plastic new Bugaboo Ant, their lightest and most smaller buggy yet intended for going with minimal ones.

Meet the Bugaboo Ant. The little carriage for enormous undertakings.

Travel with youngsters?

The idea of going with youngsters can frequently feel overpowering. By what method will I jump on the plane with a carriage? Will the boulevards be smooth and cleared when I arrive? Will there be delays? Will it be excessively hot? Also, how on earth am I going to pack so much stuff?

Considering everything that could turn out badly can frequently feel so off-putting that it feels more secure just to remain at home. Be that as it may, consider the possibility that going with youngsters could be simpler. Consider the possibility that it could really be pleasant.

Meet the Bugaboo Ant

Presenting the Bugaboo Ant

The Bugaboo Ant was conceived from the acknowledgment that guardians required a buggy that would give them the certainty they required for the entirety of their experiences—both those closer to home and further away from home.

Bogeyman set out to make a buggy that is as reduced as it is happy with; making an altogether new plan to anticipate and comprehend the entirety of the difficulties that guardians may look on their excursions. It's pressed brimming with brilliant and insightful highlights to make going with kids a breeze.


The Bugaboo Ant is Bugaboo's lightest and most reduced buggy yet. At simply 7.2 kg/15.8 lbs it's anything but difficult to lift and convey, and can be utilized as a carry-on for carriers on account of its most minimized collapsed size of 55 x 38 x 23 cm (9.03 x 14.96 x 21.65 inch).

However, don't be tricked by its lightweight sythesis, the Bugaboo Ant is excessively solid and can convey a kid up to 22 kg/50 lbs. It likewise has an extra 8kg of extra stockpiling limit on account of its constantly available back gear container and enormous underseat bin—ideal for all that child stuff!

Meet the Bugaboo Ant Compact Stroller

Smooth solace

Incorporated suspension gives a smooth, simple ride that underpins the entire load of your kid. A reclinable, ergonomic seat has been intended to improve your kid's stance just as increment their solace, and it's likewise reversible—so you have the decision with respect to whether to situate your kid confronting you or confronting the world. The Bugaboo Ant additionally has a simple manoeverability making it simple to push and steer with one hand and on any territory, so it's agreeable for you to drive just as for your youngster to ride in.

Bogeyman Ant

Meet the Bugaboo Ant Compact Stroller

The certainty to grasp your next experience

With each and every detail thought of with regards to going with youngsters, the Bugaboo Antis the conservative carriage that makes certain to reform your travel and become your most prominent travel partner.

So the main inquiry left is – where will you go?!