Merino Kids = Why Merino Wool?

Merino Kids = Why Merino Wool?
Utilizing her experience in material plan and information on merino fleece as a 100% regular marvel fiber, Amie Nilsson propelled Merino Kids in 2003 with her first item the Go Sleeping Bag. We're going in the background to find the miracles of merino and to reveal to you why we love it!

All in all, what is Merino Wool and for what reason is it so astounding for your youngster?

Merino fleece originates from a type of sheep called the Merino, which is viewed as having the absolute best and mildest fleece of any sheep. The Merino sheep is worked to endure the singing summers and freezing winters of New Zealand's rough Southern Alps, they can get by in these outrageous temperatures on account of the interesting and unfathomable designing of their fleece. Therefore, merino fleece is a powerhouse common fiber with an immense scope of elite advantages which is too delicate and extravagantly delicate on sensitive skin.

Merino Kids at Natural Baby Shower

We have chosen a portion of the top advantages of the material to clarify why we use it in our 100% common child wear.


Merino strands effectively direct internal heat level, shielding your child from limits since it keeps them warm when it's cold, and cool when it's hot. Consequently, it doesn't require a TOG rating, dissimilar to items produced using manufactured strands and can be utilized lasting through the year.


An extraordinary element of merino is that it ingests sweat from the skin and discharges it into the air. This implies your kid will never feel damp since mugginess among skin and piece of clothing is brought down.


Clinical investigations have demonstrated that merino improves the rest examples of children and babies. At the Cambridge Maternity Hospital in 1979, Scott and Richards uncovered that children dozing on merino settled all the more immediately, cried less, took care of better and put on weight quicker.


A similar clinical examinations researching the impact of merino on untimely and low birth weight babies found that they increased an extra 10g a day contrasted with babies that weren't dozing in merino.

Merino kids made out of Merino Wool


A few investigations have indicated that swaddling babies diminishes the probability of SIDS. Since overheating has been recognized as a key factor as a rule of SIDS there is a solid case for utilizing merino due to its recently noted capacity to manage warmth and dampness.


Superfine merino is delicate and plush and doesn't tingle your infant's skin. Since it can react to changes in temperature, it's among the most agreeable material you can place your infant in. Merino has additionally been connected with a lower rate of skin hypersensitivities, for example, dermatitis.

It's agreeable

Excessively fine merino feels delicate and plush alongside your infant's skin. Our merino is a fine-spun texture, making it delicate and agreeable. It additionally has a characteristic flexible property, which means our pieces of clothing fit cozily without fail.

Heat proof

Merino contains common fire retardants, further helping safe gatekeeper kids' wellbeing. Did you know, an exposed fire would flame out when in contact with merino fleece!


Merino strands have a characteristic defensive external layer that keeps stains from being retained, making it flawless to be worn by your untidy minimal ones. Since merino normally opposes scent, microbes and stains, you don't have to wash it as regularly or as thoroughly as synthetics.

Texture CARE

Basically machine or hand wash with fleece wash.

Merino Kids at Natural Baby Shower

For every one of these reasons, and some more, merino truly is nature's ideal. It's a marvel fiber that has advanced over a million years to assist us with making the ideal dozing condition for minimal ones.

Amie utilizes new imaginative thoughts dependent on regard for nature. "We utilize 100% regular materials to make better, more secure pieces of clothing that protect and inhale better in both hot and cold situations, guaranteeing little youngsters and infants are superbly adjusted to their dozing surroundings."

These qualities currently stumble into a scope of items intended to have any kind of effect to the lives of families with little youngsters. Their prosperity is demonstrated and worldwide interest for the honor winning structures is developing day by day.

Merino Kids, The Natural Choice.