Muslims, Christmas & Belief – A Holiday Card to My Christian Family

Muslims, Christmas & Belief – A Holiday Card to My Christian Family
At the point when I turned into a Muslim 22 years prior this month, I abandoned the Christmas customs my family praised each time of my adolescence. My mom had the option to change our Southern California home into a Winter Wonderland when we strolled in the entryway; it might have been 75 degrees and radiant outside, however inside we believed we were in a Currier and Ives universe of red velvet be-ribboned pine branches, twinkling lights and lovely music. I cherished it.

The Christmas season and our little conventions continued as before regardless of how long passed. My mom endeavored to assemble warm, and adoring occasion recollections, and I earnestly appreciate them.


Photograph by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

In the same way as other American homes, there wasn't a lot of Christ in my family's Christmas. There would consistently be some conversation encompassing the purpose behind our festival, however we didn't go to community gatherings or blabber about what my folks accepted. The excellent nativity on the mantle, hand-painted by my grandma, was flanked by elegant, common improvements. This prompted a sort of dubious disarray between the wonderful birth of Jesus, and the enchanted accomplishment of Santa Claus flashing far and wide in one night.

Wistfulness not withstanding, pondering Christmas is presently definitely progressively significant to me on a profound level than it was the point at which I was youthful. The way that Muslims acknowledge and have faith in the virgin birth of Jesus has been a brilliant string that interfaces my youth Christmas recollections to my very satisfying grown-up life as a Muslim.

The world's more than 1.5 billion Muslims might want their Christian neighbors to realize that we have faith in the Annunciation; in the Quran we read that God sent the heavenly attendants to Mary:

At the point when the holy messengers stated: O Mary, doubtlessly God gives you uplifting news with a Word from Him of one whose name is the Messiah, Jesus, child of Mary, deserving of respect in this world and the great beyond and of the individuals who are made close to God. Also, he will address the individuals when in the support and when of mature age, and he will be one of the great ones. Quran 3:45-46

Jesus in the Quran and Bible

The Quran has just a single section named after a lady; Chapter 19 is titled "Mary," or as it is interpreted in Arabic, Maryam. The Quran reveals to us that the baby Jesus, (or Isa as it is deciphered in Arabic), talked from Mary's arms:

... He stated: Surely I am a hireling of God; He has given me the Book and made me a prophet; And He has made me favored any place I might be, and He has urged on me petition and good cause inasmuch as I live; And obedient to my mom, and He has not made me discourteous, unblessed; And tranquility on me on the day I was conceived, and on the day I bite the dust, and on the day I am raised to life.* Quran 19:30-33

While Muslims don't observe Christmas, we put stock in the great and extraordinary birth of Jesus, in the marvels he performed by God's Grace, and in the message of affection and harmony Jesus brought to the world. I trust my family realizes that I am increasingly appended to the record of Jesus and Mary (gifts upon them) than I at any point was as a kid, since I am a rehearsing Muslim. It is a crucial piece of my confidence; a confidence that I share with over a billion and a half people far and wide.

This is my Christmas card to my family, and all my Christian companions and neighbors: Peace on earth and altruism toward men.

*Muslims comprehend this stanza in reference to the to death of Jesus after the subsequent coming and revival on the Day of Judgment. See Quran, 4:157

Kari Ansari is an author, editorial manager and social pundit on the American Muslim people group. Her discourse has been distributed in the Chicago Tribune, PBS, and Public Radio International's Speaking of Faith. Kari and her better half established and distributed America's Muslim Family Magazine in 2003 to 2008 to help fill the void of Muslim media in America. Notwithstanding her work in distributing, Mrs. Ansari is the Director of Communications and Public Affairs at Mercy-USA for Aid and Development. A form of this article was initially included in Altmuslim.