Say Goodbye to Snags and Pin Holes! No-Snag Hijab Magnets are Here!

Say Goodbye to Snags and Pin Holes! No-Snag Hijab Magnets are Here!
How frequently have you wrapped your hijab, gone after a pin to make sure about it underneath your jaw and caught your hijab? Or on the other hand snatched your top pick, go-to hijab and feared putting one more pin gap in it? I recollect in the initial hardly any years after I began wearing hijab, I had one specifically that I got a kick out of the chance to wear a ton. You know – that hijab that you generally get again and again in light of the fact that it looks great on you and wraps well.

There wasn't much by method for good embellishments or pins to help secure my hijab in those days, so I generally went after a self locking pin. In the wake of wearing it on various occasions, my preferred hijab had various security sticks for all time caught in it or strings pulled from the pins. Pin gaps scar denoted the exact zone where I drew it together under my jawline to stick. It. Was. Baffling.

I'm not by any means the only one with this story. Obstacles and pin openings have tormented numerous hijab-wearing ladies, and Haute Hijab has tuned in! Our No-Snag Hijab Magnets are here!

HH Magnets Collage

Why magnets? Well first off, they are the ideal method to spare your hijab from being demolished by obstacles and openings until the end of time! They are flawlessly structured and little – 6.2 mm in width – so as not to feel cumbersome underneath your jaw and against your neck. Furthermore, they are sufficiently able to make sure about the folds of any hijab we convey – chiffon, silk, gooey, shirt, and so on!

Similarly as with every one of our items, we put a great deal of time and thought into your hijab-wearing experience, and we needed to give an unrivaled quality magnet that we could remain behind. We had examined other hijab magnets available, yet found that many weren't as solid as we preferred – so we structured our own to be the most grounded ones we could discover. It was difficult, however! "We began the way toward sourcing these magnets over a year prior," says our Product Development Specialist Lily Steele. "I would go to expos and converse with button makers. In any case, the producers who make magnets didn't make really ones.

"Thus, we searched for somebody who accomplished custom metal work to create wonderful magnets for us, however it was all the while ending up being hard," says Lily. "What turned into a distinct advantage was when Brian [McCarthy, Logistics Specialist] went ahead board. With his past experience working with satchels, he had associations with individuals who could make only the sort of no-catch hijab magnets we needed – solid, wonderful, high caliber and reasonable."

Our item group tried various cycles of the magnets, taking a gander at (in addition to other things) width, quality, solace and style to think of the last item. With its dazzling adjusted gold completion and "Haute Hijab" carefully carved into it, you're certain to cherish these magnets and make them part of your hijab schedule!

We can hardly wait to hear what you think about our new No-Snag Hijab Magnets! Tell us what you think, and bid farewell to the obstacle!