Seeking Help from Allah (S) as We Grapple with a Coronavirus Pandemic

Seeking Help from Allah (S) as We Grapple with a Coronavirus Pandemic
The news around the coronavirus pandemic is changing and refreshing so quickly that it's difficult to keep up, particularly in the event that you are connected to different internet based life stages or potentially WhatsApp gatherings. Umrah visas to Saudi Arabia have been incidentally halted, access to the Ka'aba quickly shut down for profound cleaning and groups seriously confined, masajid shut down; halaqas, Sunday school classes and even Jummah supplications dropped.

It's a great deal to fold our heads over, I know. Like you, I'm stressed too. In any case, this is an opportunity to burrow profound and tie our rope significantly more tightly to Allah (S) and trust in His boundless shrewdness and leniency, to be brilliant and tune in and follow the general wellbeing rules we are getting in our different networks.

Ka'aba being cleaned

The Ka'aba being cleaned in Makkah. Picture source: Business Insider

As my companion and partner Hena Zuberi, supervisor over at and executive of Justice for All composed on Facebook (excerpted from her notice):

"We love our masajid and need to implore there however here and there network initiative needs to settle on intense choices.

I see a significant number of our kin going ballistic over Masjid terminations, acting like there has never been a blizzard or masjid shut due to frosted parking areas. Truly, researchers state in the event that you kick the bucket of the plague, you get the compensation of biting the dust as a Shaheed (May we be honored with that position) anyway they can't imperil the whole network along these lines.

Consider #CoVID19 a tempest. Now and then they wreck ruin and some of the time they ignore us and through the Mercy of Allah, we don't feel the impacts. Whichever way we continue clutching the Beloved rope of Allah.

Kindly don't make it hard for imams and board individuals who choose to close. It is an overwhelming weight they are lifting and are not settling on these choices gently. A significant number of them are chips in and have gone through hours from family with wellbeing authorities to go to a ultimate choice. ...

We are a network of equalization – we don't need to go into alarm mode since others are freezing. We don't store since others are accumulating. Also, we play it safe. We utilize this open door from the furious life we live to reconnect with family, neighbors, the Quran. Consider ways we can be an advantage to our networks. Think about the destitute, those in senior focuses, those without protection or who can't work. We are the Best of creation. We are the Ummah of the Habib (saw), how about we act like it.

*We tie our camel and trust Allah.* ..."

I value her words since I comprehend the massive idea and reflection our pioneers have placed into settling on these choices with respect to our strict organizations and congregational petitions. This is a period for us to notice and reflect, to cling to safeguards and attempt and live with full confidence in Allah (S). As I was telling my most youthful child at the beginning of today, it's so enlightening and lowering to think regarding how an infection that we can't see is influencing the world so significantly.

In the event that you are an individual of confidence, there are monstrous exercises to learn here, about turning inwards in our petitions, dealing with our relationship with the Quran and Allah (S). As Dr. Ingrid Mattson says here:

We may profit by considering our morally commanded social separating additionally an open door for profound retreat, to reset our expectations, points of view and propensities.

— Dr. Ingrid Mattson (@IngridMattson) March 13, 2020

Consider presenting the accompanying du'a after each supplication to support you and our locale during these unsure occasions.

Dua for coronavirus

Picture source:

Likewise this talk from Sheik Omar Suleiman of the Yaqeen Institute offers wonderful exercises we can gain from the hour of the Amwas plague, the main plague to kill many sahaba (friends of the Prophet Muhammad saw) and a large number of individuals in the seventh century.

Be protected my companions. Take all the essential insurances and surrender the rest over to Allah (S). We all here at Haute Hijab are appealing to God for everybody's wellbeing, security and insurance.