Talking with Melanie about Being Named to Inc's Female Founders 100 List

Talking with Melanie about Being Named to Inc's Female Founders 100 List
The narrative of Haute Hijab and how this organization has developed to where it is today is one that has the difficult work and devotion of CEO Melanie Elturk at its center. What began as an apparel and hijab organization out of Melanie and Ahmed's house is currently a flourishing hijab brand that – notwithstanding making and selling perfectly structured hijabs – is building network and elevating Muslim ladies from numerous points of view. With the organization moving toward its tenth commemoration in 2020, it's pertinent that Melanie was as of late respected by being named to Inc's 2019 Female Founders 100 List.

Melanie Elturk in Haute Hijab's New York office

Inc's second yearly Female Founders 100 List respects persuasive, aspiring and differing ladies who have changed each major U.S. industry. "These ladies are building and driving creative organizations in a tremendous scope of worldwide ventures, including tech, design, account, wellness, shopper items, nourishment and that's just the beginning," as per the Haute Hijab official statement. Melanie joins some powerhouse ladies on this rundown, including Serena Williams, Rihanna, Joanna Gaines, Alli Webb, Rebecca Minkoff and Eileen Fisher!

Under Melanie's authority, HH been eager to present to you a few incredible assortments in the course of recent years, including Luxury, Ultimate Underscarves and most as of late, our Heritage Collection. We are currently centered around an athletic hijab advertise, with almost a time of innovative work effectively under our famous belts. It's an energizing time for Haute Hijab as our organization keeps on extending and plan new hijabs for our clients! I found Melanie to converse with her about the Female Founders List, what has been transformative about Haute Hijab's work and how she intends to keep on raising the hijab showcase.

There is a heavy gathering of ladies on that best 100 Female Founders list! The individuals who are on the rundown are there on the grounds that their work has changed significant enterprises. How has your work at Haute Hijab been transformative in the realm of apparel and style?

Most importantly, it's a mind boggling honor to be remembered for this rundown and simultaneously it makes me so glad to have our classification and network spoke to. Just because, a brand is committed to handling the whole hijab class and everything that involves. The way that our image hails from the U.S. is extremely uncommon to me, being an American, since it places us in the blessed situation of encouraging training and, ideally, demystifying generalizations as we standardize hijab in the standard and make it simpler for Muslim ladies to wear hijab with certainty.

Haute Hijab has consistently strived to make first rate hijabs and items that consolidate texture innovation with careful structure. Be that as it may, one thing we don't speak enough about is a secured Muslim lady's tasteful, how she feels in her hijab. What is it about the work you are doing with HH that addresses that need?

How you feel in hijab is nearly as significant as the hijab itself. In the event that you don't feel sure, on the off chance that you don't feel excellent, you won't love it. More awful yet, you may develop to hate it. In this manner, it's so imperative to concentrate on the fundamentals – textures you love, styles that look great on you and hues that cause you to feel delightful. This has been the whole postulation of our image vision – give top notch hijabs and instruct ladies on the most proficient method to wear them so as to feel extraordinary. I must pressure this as much as possible. You don't need to be design forward to do this either. Each lady in hijab needs to locate her uncommon notch in hijab, and the objective at HH is to make it simple for any lady to accomplish this!

You've chatted on various events how HH is something other than making excellent hijabs that help Muslim ladies feel certain. It's about network and supporting and elevating Muslim people group - what are you doing at HH in accordance with this brand column?

Totally! Our strategic two-crease. Give high-caliber, wonderful hijabs, and enable Muslim ladies through our locale of ladies sharing their exceptional stories. We have such huge numbers of unfathomable disconnected endeavors to help network building, similar to our Changemakers Tour (going to a city close to you ;), HH Summit coming spring 2020, masjid organizations and occasion sponsorships the nation over. We're additionally assembling a scholastic symposium in association with a New York college not far off!

Bunches of splendid ladies on this current originator's rundown! Who are you fan-girling over :)

Hehe gracious man, Rebecca Minkoff without a doubt! What she's finished with her image is fantastic. Additionally Joanna Gaines cause I love her and what she's constructed.

What's not too far off for HH as it enters its tenth year? How would you plan on proceeding to lift the hijab showcase?

Ahh!!! I can't trust it's been right around 10 years! Not too far off is proceeding with our central goal of giving each hijab a lady requirements for each touchpoint in her life. Next up is our sports line, hijab adornments and considerably more. We additionally have another item we're assembling explicitly for new hijabis that is *so* essential and will ideally make the procedure that a lot simpler for ladies who are new to hijab.

We plan on proceeding to hoist the hijab showcase by doing what we generally do, advancing in the space and thinking about these items in an all encompassing manner to enhance the lives of Muslim ladies.