The Islamic Perspective On Grief - Coping with Individual and Community Loss/Hardship

The Islamic Perspective On Grief - Coping with Individual and Community Loss/Hardship
Melancholy is an unavoidable truth, one that every individual must, tragically, experience. Allah (S) says in Surah Al-Baqarah, section 155, "And We will without a doubt test you with something of dread and hunger and lost riches and lives and fruits..." As long as you are on this planet, you will probably encounter lost somebody near you.

Some of the time we face misfortune or are tried as a network for a gigantic scope. From the ongoing rampaging fires in the Amazon downpour woods to the progressing emergency with family partition and vagrant youngsters on our fringes to the continuous interchanges power outage and viciousness in Kashmir to steady injury looked by underestimated networks far and wide to waiting feelings of trepidation in our places of love originating from the horrible shootings at Masjid Al Noor and Linwood Masjid in Christchurch, New Zealand - this has every single affected Muslim (and the individuals who are not Muslims) around the globe. We appear to look with one awful thing after another, and it can turn out to be too simple to even think about tamping down our pain and proceed onward to the following thing throughout everyday life. In any case, while it is inconceivably difficult, how you adapt to anguish impacts the mending procedure and life pushing ahead enormously.

To lament is to adore, and the more profound one's adoration is for somebody or for the network everywhere, the more profound the despondency for their misfortune. At the point when we grieve the passing of a friend or family member, we feel crude, furious, anguished, defenseless ... and so on. The torment can show in an assortment of ways, and the ways of dealing with stress fluctuate from individual to individual. There is no course of events for pain or the mending procedure, yet the sharp aches will in general gruff with time, however triggers can hit at any second, apparently out of the blue. At the point when I lost my infant child two years prior, the agony was deplorable. I despite everything battle with grappling with it here and there, however I breathed easy because of Allah (S's) insight and equity when such disasters hit, as expressed in stanzas 155-157 from Surah Al Baqarah:

"… however give happy news to As‑Saabiroon (the patient ones). Who, when harrowed with disaster, state: 'Genuinely, to Allah we have a place and really, to Him we will return.' They are those on whom are the Salawaat (for example who are honored and will be excused) from their Lord, and (they are the individuals who) get His Mercy, and it is they who are the guided ones."

We likewise regularly think little of the anguish we may feel when our locale experiences an awful encounter, such as progressing emergency in Muslim areas around the globe, or the fear monger assault of 51 Muslims at Jummah (Friday) supplications in New Zealand, or like in December of 2014 when six shooters assaulted the Army Public School in Peshawar, Pakistan killing 149 individuals, including 132 schoolchildren. Permitting ourselves an opportunity to grieve and process our sentiments while reflecting upon the case of the Prophets who preceded us is so urgent. That time can assist us with moving past the loss of motion of our anguish energetically or whatever methods for pushing ahead. Consider this tweet from Shaykh Omar Suleiman:

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Be that as it may, when something as decimating as the passing of a friend or family member hits, it very well may be walloping and the range of enthusiastic change wavers between boundaries. Who do you go to, how would you manage this new reality? You may ponder, "Why me?" It's consoling to recall that our own Prophet Mohammad (saw) managed a progression of misfortunes for an amazing duration – his dad before he was conceived, his mom at six years old, at that point his granddad, at that point uncle, at that point dearest spouse Khadija (R), and six of this seven youngsters, with just Fatima (R) outlasting him. Envision that the man generally dearest to Allah (S) lost such a large number of individuals near him! At the point when his child Ibrahim kicked the bucket, the Prophet (S) communicated his distress transparently:

"The eyes send their tears and the heart is disheartened, however we don't utter a word with the exception of that which satisfies our Lord. For sure, O Ibrahim, we are deprived by your takeoff from us." Then he turned his face towards the mountain before him and stated, "O mountain! On the off chance that you were as dismal as I am, you would positively disintegrate into pieces! Be that as it may, we state what Allah has requested us: (We are the hirelings of Allah and we will come back to Him; We express gratitude toward Allah, the Creator of the Universe)."

This model gives us that it is OK to cry and feel disheartened by a misfortune, even vital I'd contend – yet it is similarly imperative to stay quiet and acknowledge that the passing is a will of Allah (S) and that His arrangement is great. The sooner we can disguise this idea, the simpler the "pill" of misfortune is to swallow. To be guaranteed happy greetings of Jannah as a result of staying understanding is that best blessing one can get. That is an update all by itself this is the idea of this life; we are nevertheless voyagers going through. At long last, we will all meet in the hereafter, where "genuine" life starts. Obviously, there are days that are more earnestly than others, however holding undaunted to this guarantee in the general sense makes it somewhat simpler.

An intriguing aspect concerning losing a friend or family member is that in its quick repercussions, you begin to see life and its fleetingness in sharp core interest. You no longer spotlight on the easily overlooked details and acknowledge the main thing – your own wellbeing, your family, your companions, network, and so on. For me, a light went off in my mind and my body shouted for me to squeeze stop. I had been running on autopilot, driving extended periods of time to work I loathed, not setting aside effort for myself or my wellbeing. The silver coating one can take during their sorrow is that the person in question gets a more profound gratefulness for Allah (S's) vast force. At some point, somebody that you've gone as long as you can remember seeing is out of nowhere gone in a moment. It truly lowers you and you out of nowhere feel little in a broad universe.

Since you likewise perceive how short life is and feel like your time is extremely close, as well, satisfying Allah (S) and consistently performing and consummating your love takes on more prominent significance, too. May Allah (S) make us among the Sabiroon even with disasters and the case of our darling Prophet (S) – an away from in the multiple times of tribulations and triumph. Ameen.

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