The November Edit: Autumn Richness

The November Edit: Autumn Richness
Ahh, November. There's only something about it that feels exceptional, from the wonderful shades of the foliage against the fresh blue sky, to that feeling you get from enveloping yourself with a comfortable scarf just because since the previous winter, to the rich flavors I wind up utilizing huge amounts of when I cook. Winter chill might be starting to crawl into the air, yet by and by, I am wanting to press each and every drop of pumpkin flavor latte I can out of the rest of the long stretches of harvest time.

It's this inclination of warmth and extravagance that has us propelled for this present month at Haute Hijab. There are loads of approaches to work the glow into your day by day furnishes as well! Try not to be hesitant to play with surfaces like tweed, stout weaves and corduroy, and pick immersed, one of a kind hues – it's the ideal time to have a go at something new. Fall was likewise *made* for layering, which is the reason we love chiffon hijabs for this season – their smooth, lightweight wrap makes them an ideal base layer to fold into your comfortable sweaters and turtlenecks, and the manner in which they get the light makes an excellent sparkle that you can convey with you consistently!

Harvest time Richness, chiffon hijab

Here are six Everyday Chiffon hues to around which you can manufacture a monochromatic, rich closet that will definitely raise your pre-winter style game! Look down to find out additional!

Another fall style pattern we've been into here at HH is the presence of sudden shades among the more normal gem tones and neutrals, and these are the tints you'll discover in our most recent Everyday Chiffon drop! Shades like Pistachio, Dark Mauve and Turkish Blue that may somehow or another have been put something aside for the spring season feel amazingly new when worked into cozier pre-winter looks! In the event that florals and pastels are currently such a major piece of fall, I can just envision the great we're in for after winter's finished.

One incredible approach to incline toward the extravagance of pre-winter with these new HH conceals is to incline toward monochromatic looks. There's only something about this style radiates certainty and simple refinement – it's cleaned and assembled without feeling like it's making a decent attempt, in addition to it hypes the glow and dynamic quality of fall. Also, it doesn't get any simpler to pull off – essentially pick a shading to be the announcement, and get to coordinating!

Look through our assortment of monochromatic harvest time motivation directly from the runways, highlighting the shocking new solids from our most recent chiffon drop! These hues are restricted release, so on the off chance that you see one you like, don't hold on to catch it! ;)


Pistacio, Chiffon hijab

Our new most loved shading, Pistachio was everywhere throughout the runways this season. We love the manner in which it lights up layered and finished looks.

Imagined (clockwise from left): Sally LaPointe, Everyday Chiffon in Pistachio

Dim Mauve

Dim Mauve, chiffon hijab

We definitely realize you're going to adore this one. It's an all around complimenting shade of pink that takes a shot at any skin tone and in any season.

Envisioned (clockwise from left): Everyday Chiffon in Dark Mauve, Marcos Luengo, Antonio Grimaldi


Evergreen, chiffon hijab

Motivated by the profound jade shades of sweetly-scented pine needles, this shade combines delightfully with other harvest time faves like denim, sienna earthy colored or ivory.

Imagined (clockwise from left): Everyday Chiffon in Evergreen, Alexander McQueen, Marcos Luengo

Turkish Blue

Turkish blue, chiffon hijab

Your preferred gooey shade, however make it chiffon. Summoning the shade of a fresh fall sky, this novel shade of blue is shockingly adaptable and compliments any skin tone.

Imagined (clockwise from left): Max Mara, Everyday Chiffon in Turkish Blue, Lanvin


Greenery Green, chiffon hijab

At the point when standard olive green just won't do, go after Moss. It's a rich, profound variant of a great that is particularly dazzling on warm skin tones.

Envisioned (clockwise from left): Max Mara, Everyday Chiffon in Moss, Marcos Lue

Dull Honey

Dull Honey, chiffon hijab

Customized for brilliant hour. This soaked shade of turmeric yellow will warm you up simply like a decent cup of chai.

Envisioned (clockwise from left): Tory Burch, Adeam, Everyday Chiffon in Dark Honey

What's your preferred method to enjoy a little pre-winter lavishness? Tell us in the remarks!