Up Your Quran Reading this Ramadan through MYNA's Quran-A-Thon

Up Your Quran Reading this Ramadan through MYNA's Quran-A-Thon
During this season of isolate and COVID-19 pandemic, I can't resist the opportunity to think about the time that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) spent in the cavern of Hira. Sentiments of confinement, nervousness and vulnerability more likely than not emerged pretty much every one of that was encompassing him at that point.

Likewise, we live in extremely unusual occasions and in an ever-changing society that may not really concur with our individual qualities. In this season of constrained disconnection, we ought to permit our spirits to reconnect with Allah.

A minor microorganism imperceptible to the natural eye has made whole civic establishments stop, driving social orders to reconsider their structures, how they care for the most powerless in their networks, their objectives and directions, and how they decide to organize what is critical to them. Setting aside this effort, for those advantaged enough to do as such, should assist us with transforming our viewpoints and needs, as nothing is ensured for tomorrow.

We are as of now observing friends and family lost to this infection, positions that are not, at this point secure and a misfortune in the solidness of every day life. This is where we are being approached to be there for each other, in each feeling of the expression.

It is extraordinarily substantial to feel stuck and questionable. Feeling numb and scared of what is to come is legitimate. Having uncertainty and tension is substantial. Not feeling profitable and battling to change to home life is legitimate. Missing companions and a public activity is legitimate. What's more, not feeling like yourself is 100% alright.

The one thing we need not overlook is this is transitory, and it will end. We ought not quit working for Allah's (S) purpose on the grounds that the circumstance got unnerving or befuddling. It is just Allah (S) who can manage us when nobody else can. The main inquiry is, how might we help ourselves as well as other people get past this time?

MYNA Quranathon

At MYNA (Muslim Youth of North America) where I fill in as the manageability and formative organizer, we are particularly thinking about this with our up and coming virtual program, the MYNA Quran-A-Thon. It's a program that goes through Ramadan and is an alternate and novel approach to interface with the network. The MYNA Quran-A-Thon is a gathering pledges activity with its two primary objectives being:

1. Draw in youth and grown-ups with the Quran and support them (with various motivating forces) to peruse as much as possible.

2. Raise assets for MYNA, which is a "for the young, by the adolescent" non-benefit association that designs an assortment of projects for youth advancement and strengthening over all of North America.

This is the third year that MYNA is arranging this activity. However, it reverberates the most this specific year as most schools (Islamic and something else) have needed to drop classes uncertainly, leaving youth at home – maybe with additional time on their hand. Simultaneously, people group association should be supported and inspiration to interface with the Quran empowered.

Understudies can in any case join to participate (enrollment finishes on Monday, April 20). There are two unique levels (one that peruses by page and one by juz/part) for various perusers, so every individual can peruse at their own pace. The MYNA Quran-A-Thon is available to all to join as an individual or under a gathering name. For Islamic schools, this implies understudies can join together under their school name. It is likewise a special path for ladies' boards of trustees, youth gatherings and Quran gatherings to join together.

MYNA Quran-A-Thon

This program gives members a virtual stage to interface with the Quran with numerous impetuses, inspirations and prizes. All things considered, each school will get a percent again from the gifts raised for the venture and advantage of their foundation. Every individual will get prizes dependent on the measure of Quran read and gifts raised.

There are additionally first, second, and third spot prizes for members that have perused the most Quran. A portion of the prize bundles incorporate a sponsorship from Haute Hijab. The supported items incorporate a pullover deco set, hijab box set, molding scrunchies, tote sacks, hijab magnets and that's only the tip of the iceberg!

There is no substitution for the hasanat got from perusing the Quran, yet these additional motivating forces make it shockingly better! It produces a way for interfacing with the Quran and with ourselves during the favored month.

For more data on this national virtual program, visit myna.org/quranathon. For questions or people who might want to join as gatherings, email development@myna.org.

Bayan Fares is the Sustainability and Development Coordinator for ISNA's Youth Development Department (MYNA). She moved on from the University of Chicago with a Masters in Social Work before joining the MYNA group this past January. She is going the MYNA Quran-A-Thon program alongside other raising money and program activities. She worked with HH on network associations in 2019.