We are celebrating 20 years of Bugaboo

2019 imprints 20 years of Bugaboo. We thought what better approach to celebrate such a significant occasion for one of our preferred pushchair brands than to glance back at where everything began!

Over two decades prior, one man had a thought. It was a thought so visionary that it would change a whole industry and always change the manner in which guardians consider buggies.

This year points a long time since we previously observed a Bugaboo carriage moving along the boulevards in the Netherlands. The Bugaboojourney began from 1 man's plan to upset the pushchair business and immediately developed to turn into a brand synonymous with imaginative and practical pushchairs made for the cutting edge family.

We are commending 20 years of Bugaboo

Max has a thought

Everything started when Max Barenburg needed to think of a graduation task to complete his training at the Academy of Industrial Design in Eindhoven. The carriage he made established the framework for a task that would develop to make a main brand of pushchair around the world.

Max and his colleague saw the potential in the item quickly in light of the fact that it was progressive to join such a significant number of highlights and, simultaneously, to completely incorporate structure and capacity. It was the ideal across the board: a carriage that is adaptable enough to go anyplace and all over the place. At that point, there essentially wasn't in any way similar to that out there. Together they applied for the patent.

Max Barenbrug (Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer) clarifies –

"What at first prompted the development of the principal Bugaboo buggy was my astonishment at the sorts of carriages I'd see in the city. Wherever I went, I would see individuals battling to crease and even utilize their buggies. What's more, they all looked good old and comparative with juvenile hues, lumbering white wheels… There was nothing attractive about these items by any means."

We are commending 20 years of Bugaboo

We are commending 20 years of Bugaboo

In 1999, the principal appearance of Bugaboo

The following section began in an upper room in Amsterdam. A little yet enthusiastic group worked fanatically yet certainly on the absolute first Bugabooproduct, changing the graduation venture into a carriage prepared to address the issues of guardians all over the place.

This was the beginning of a fierce period and afterward in 1999 the minute at last showed up. Max was sitting in a bistro in Amsterdam, he looked outside and there it was – his carriage being utilized in the city.

The first Bugaboostroller proceeded to give the diagram to the Bugaboo Cameleon which propelled in 2005. Since it's origination, specialized subtleties have been changed and improved innumerable time to stay aware of changing requests and present day ways of life, yet the shape, outline and basics configuration is as yet the equivalent at the center of each bogeyman item.

We are praising 20 years of Bugaboo

Continues improving and better

This was only the start! Since the principal pushchair dispatch in 1999, Bugaboo have quite recently gone from solidarity to solidarity to bring guardians the best arrangements and imaginative plans. Bogeyman have reformed the whole business and keep on bringing guardians new champion structures.

An incredible case of Bugaboo's devotion to advancement and their continually developing plan center is the dispatch of their fresh out of the plastic new Bugaboo Ant, their lightest and most smaller buggy yet intended for going with minimal ones.

Meet the Bugaboo Ant. The little carriage for huge undertakings.