What Stage Car Seat Do You Need?

What Stage Car Seat Do You Need?
At the point when it's an ideal opportunity to purchase a vehicle seat for your little one, the broadness and assortment of decisions – from styles, to brands, to stages – can make things somewhat confounding. Something a great deal of guardians find troublesome is understanding which phase of vehicle seat applies to their child's tallness and weight.

Here, we'll investigate newborn child transporters, first stage, and second stage vehicle seats, and what age go they suit. We have an enormous scope of vehicle seat brands to browse, however the standard estimations and stages remain the equivalent. When you are furnished with this information, the dynamic should turn out to be a lot less complex!

Baby Carriers


A baby transporter is in all probability what you will take your infant home in. They are back confronting which research shows it is the most secure situation for children to go in. You can get familiar with for what reason to pick back confronting vehicle situates all through your youngster's development in our blog Why Choose Rear-Facing Car Seats?

Newborn child transporters are additionally the necessary piece of a bigger travel framework, intended to be joined to a pushchair body. This implies you can move infant effectively, with minimal by and large interruption to them. Be that as it may, it is proposed that you don't leave infants in a vehicle seat for over 30 minutes, and children over 2 hours – the position they are situated in can limit their relaxing.

Our Range of Infant Carriers

Our newborn child transporter choice incorporates:

Cybex Aton Q and Aton Q I-Size Cybex Cloud Q

gb Idan Kiddy Evo-luna I-Size

First Stage Car Seats

For use from 9 a year until infant is 4 years of age

First stage vehicle seats are for minimal ones to use from somewhere in the range of nine and a year up until the age of four. These seats can be spent until child is 18kg. Vehicle seat laws are changing starting at 2018, with another guideline called I-Size – this is a wellbeing standard that expects kids to be back looking until the age of four, running close by the ebb and flow R44/04 law.

You will likewise require an ISOFIX base that is good with your vehicle seat to utilize I-Size. All vehicle seat producers have their own particular ISOFIX base, which you can buy from us. On the off chance that you purchased your vehicle after 2011 it will accompany ISOFIX ability as standard. It would be ideal if you note: you should check the similarity of your vehicle with your vehicle seat before buy – we can help with that, simply call us!

Our Range of First Stage Car Seats

Our first stage vehicle seat assortment incorporates:

Cybex Sirona M2 I-Size gb Vaya I-Size

BeSafe Izi Kid X2 I-Size Kiddy Phoenixfix 3

Second Stage Car Seats

For use from 4 years until 12 years of age

Second stage vehicle seats can be utilized when you kid is between 15-36kg, which is about the age of 4 until 12 years of age. These stage seats don't have a tackle as observed on newborn child bearers and first stage seats – they use the vehicle's safety belt and go about as even more a supporter seat. This ought to be utilized until the youngster is the right stature for the vehicle's own seat.