Why the Five Pillars of Islam are the Strongest Foundations of Our Faith

Why the Five Pillars of Islam are the Strongest Foundations of Our Faith
Article note: This month we are running an arrangement concentrating on establishments – how we can fabricate strong establishments over all aspects of our life to help ground us with the goal that we can grasp all that our deen (religion) and dunya (the world) bring to the table us. We will cover establishments of marriage, confidence, your morning schedule, connections, psychological wellness/self consideration, innovation, hijab and different territories. Each center could truly be a book, however we will attempt to separate it into the most helpful, achievable and essential things we can do to manufacture basic establishments in our lives.

I battle with a great deal of things in my existence with the act of my confidence. What's more, similar to I think with a large number of you, remaining solid on the essential acts of Islam can get contorted up for me in the minutia of Islam. What number of us stall out in the subtleties attempting to see how our confidence applies to such a significant number of our life decisions and issues that unfurl before us?

Lady holding her kids' hands

I realize I get addressed by my kids constantly concerning why this? Or then again, why Allah (S) in the Quran says that? These are significant and acceptable conversations to have and work through, yet some of the time I need to let myself know and my children – we are pondering and discussing such huge numbers of things, however did you really supplicate your five petitions today? Have you thought about believing in the shahada?

As we've invested a great deal of energy recently here on the Haute Hijab blog thinking about how to manufacture solid establishments across various aspects of our lives, I need to dial it back a second and consider what we've been instructed about Islam since the greater part of us were little kids – the five columns, or center convictions and practices, of Islam.

A numerous delightful aspect concerning Islam is the means by which at it's generally fundamental, it's sorted out into five mainstays of confidence: shahada (confirmation of confidence), salah (petition), zakat (yearly giving of charity), sawm (fasting in Ramadan) and the Hajj journey. These five in number structure shut are as of now spread out for us to rehearse, follow and have confidence in. Each is really a wonder and life exercise to help ground us in mankind and in the love of Allah (S) and His statement.

I frequently wind up returning to the five columns in conversations with myself and my youngsters to remind us how significant it is for us to keep these establishments solid as we puzzle through everything else.


La ilaha illallah Muhammadur Rasulullah – There is no God yet Allah (S), and Muhammad (saw) is His envoy. There are a couple of key things to recollect about the shahada. To be a Muslim is to discuss and have confidence in this announcement. There is nothing else one must do to change over to Islam or proclaim themselves as Muslim than present the shahada. In recounting this, you are stating that you acknowledge as reality that Allah (S) as the ONLY God and that Muhammad (saw) is His prophet.


All things considered, it's such a phenomenal short and straightforward proclamation that envelops all of being Muslim. To accept that Allah (S) is ALL knowing, ALL amazing and ALL lenient, and it's to acknowledge that He will place nothing in your life with the exception of that it intended to be, even in times when it's hard to comprehend or torments you or your friends and family.

To accept the shahada is to accept that Allah (S) knows and comprehends that no issue is ever too huge for Him, and we ought to consistently go to Him in supplication at whatever point we are out of luck. We discuss and contemplate such a large number of parts of our confidence, however everything bubbles to faith in Allah (S) as the unparalleled God and faith in Muhammad (saw) as His prophet. From that comes everything else. Consider it like that significant square that you have to stand everything else upon.

Presenting the shahada (and having them discuss it back to me) was something I imparted in my early daytime awakening routine with my kids from when they were practically nothing. Indeed, even with D, my 19-year-old medically introverted child who is nonverbal (however not non informative), I start the day by discussing the shahada to him. Occasionally I can get him to state segments of it back to me in his own kind of language. ❤


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Salah, or petition, is likely one of the most central and perceived ceremonies of confidence in Islam. Indeed, it is regularly portrayed as the differentiator and what makes a Muslim, Muslim (outside of the shahada). Salah is unquestionably the one demonstration of love that we as a whole should monitor – yet it very well may be a battle! There are such a significant number of tips out there about how to harden your salah propensities or discover additionally importance in your petition. Perhaps you experience years when you are strong in your salah and others when you slip.

On the off chance that you consider why salah, it associates with such huge numbers of the things prescribed to us in emotional well-being rehearses – stopping multiple times every day to focus ourselves before Allah (S), bow down to Him, express appreciation for what we are given and importune him with our concerns and where we need His assistance. As I tell my children, every petition is an immediate discussion with Allah (S) without any middle people. How lovely is that? We are skilled with five open doors consistently to have a devoted discussion with Allah (S), to bow our heads in accommodation and advise ourselves that He comprehends what we don't.

Indeed, even the demonstration of surrender is so lowering and wonderful, My individual HH essayist Layla Abdullah-Poulos revealed to me that as her state of being has changed, she's battled with the demonstration of making salah. "I have sciatica and joint pain, so I need to sit. Furthermore, I feel a distinction since I can't make full sajdah."

At the point when I was a child and my mother found me racing through or now and again missing/skipping petitions, she took out a clock and coordinated to what extent it took to do every one. "On the off chance that you include the occasions together," she let me know, "It's not really merely 15-20 mintues or less. You can't extra 15 minutes separated during your time to delay and go to Allah (S)?"


I began giving zakat when I got my first all day work as a grown-up. In spite of the fact that I was all the while living with my folks, I was currently gaining the base measure of riches that I could hold for a year. That is, actually, the measures if who must give zakat – every single Muslim grown-up who are normal and have the nisab (least measure of riches held for a year). There are rules and subtleties to think about the giving of zakat how much and to whom, nitty gritty here and here.

"Zakat" signifies "to filter," thus in the demonstration of giving from our own riches to those out of luck, we are sanitizing our own income/reserve funds just as our souls from getting excessively appended to common life. The individuals who get zakat absolutely advantage, however what a brilliant blessing this is to those of us who can give zakat! That foundation is incorporated with the essentials of our confidence says a lot concerning what is anticipated from us as individual neighbors and individuals from a worldwide network.


Sawm, or fasting, is likewise one of the most perceived pieces of Islam and presumably my generally top pick (fasting in Ramadan). Likewise with different mainstays of Islam, on the off chance that you strip fasting down to its generally essential, it builds up our God-association through our submission to His declaration that we quick in Ramadan. Also, for what reason did God order for us to quick from sun-up to sun-down for 29-30 days? We can look to Surah Baqarah:

Gracious you who think, fasting is recommended for you as it was endorsed for those before you, that you may get equitable. (2:183)

Fasting, or hardship from nourishment and drink (however not simply!), is a way to exemplary nature. I love fasting for some reasons – that it has me truly feeling hunger, thirst, tiredness and the sky is the limit from there, as felt by numerous individuals around the globe every day. I love it since I am reminded that essentially avoiding nourishment and drink (and closeness) isn't sufficient. We should keep away from transgression and negative behavior patterns, relinquishing frivolous concerns and common considerations.

Here in the West where it's the same old thing while we quick, I value it considerably more – the test of keeping on with life while abstaining from that which Allah (S) requests that I avoid; to concentrate on freeing myself of negative behavior patterns and focusing myself more in God-cognizance.

It might seem like I realize how to consistently get into the fasting zone. That is so not the situation! There are years when my Ramadan fasts have felt empty, when familial difficulties, especially helping my child deal with his mental imbalance, have rendered me fixed as I attempt and quick. Be that as it may, it's in the battle and attempting that I do discover solace and closeness with Him. What's more, that turns out to be such a significant establishment for us all.


Hajj Pilgrimage

The last mainstay of Islam expects of us to endeavor towards a specific bedrock once in the course of our life. To play out the Hajj journey is to strip ourselves of everything and come back to that infant state before Allah (S). In the event that you've been honored with the chance to go for Hajj, you comprehend what I mean when I state it's a definitive reset button. What I particularly love about this column is the means by which, similarly as with essentially everything in Islam, it is spread out in such a simple style for us: Only on the off chance that you are truly and monetarily capable are you required to satisfy this mainstay of Islam.

To play out the Hajj is to uncover one's inner self before Allah (S) and return recharged and cleaned off to proceed with life. It's an establishment that offers you extreme pardoning and kindness and brings the holy messengers down to your level to hear your supplications (upon the arrival of Arafat) – what could be increasingly heavenly? In any case, Allah (S) is generally lenient and understanding, and that is the reason this column is caused required for the individuals who to can bear the cost of it. Those of us who are not at Hajj are likewise allowed the chance to pick up pardoning upon the arrival of Arafat (the day preceding Eid ul Adha) any place we are by fasting or taking part in different demonstrations of love!

These five columns, these establishments endorsed to us by Allah (S), are spread out straightforward before us. On the off chance that we can ret