Wonder Wool

Wonder Wool
We're suckers for fleece and what better time to share our affection for it than Wool Week - not excessively we need a reason!

We could continue for a significant long time about the advantages of fleece and why we love it, there is an extensive rundown of astounding highlights the characteristic fiber has. It's one of the most normal, kind-to-skin, normally fire retardant filaments around, and how about we not overlook it's additionally eco-accommodating AND biodegradable. Which implies fleece is better for you and better for the planet!

Marvel Wool

At the point when you consider child items produced using fleece you may think about the stout coordinating cap and scarf your Nan carefully toiled over for your little one, with maybe flawed outcomes (the idea checks!) But there are some exquisite items out there for your little one that are produced using the miracle fiber that is fleece. In festivity of fleece week, we have purchased together our undisputed top choice fleece items to show you. Prepare to swoon!

Brands that will make you go gaga for fleece…


Merino Kids are the heroes of fleece items. The entirety of their items are produced using Merino fleece which originates from the Merino Sheep, who are acclaimed for their fine, delicate fleece and their capacity to flourish in extraordinary atmospheres. Merino fleece is the ideal material for babies as the extremely fine fiber makes merino fleece a lot milder and extravagant against fragile skin contrasted with conventional fleece types.

Marvel Wool

All of Merino Kids items additionally help to direct your infants temperature, which they can't accomplish for themselves at such a youthful age. The fiber in merino fleece have temperature managing properties meaning it keeps your little one warm in winter and cool in the mid year.

Merino fleece likewise has common enemy of microbial properties that make it smell safe just as being delicate to the point that it is frequently appropriate for those that would regularly experience the ill effects of unfavorably susceptible responses. These properties just as the hard wearing, strong and regular versatility settle on Merino fleece a perfect decision for youngsters' dress.

Merino Kids at Natural Baby SHower

Just as these astonishing characteristics, Merino Kids items are essentially beautiful! They go from infant Cocooirange ideal for bringing home your little pack from the Hospital, from camping beds perfect for a protected evenings rest and adorable garments ideal for the afternoon or layering up. How might you stand up to?


Heitmann Felle are a German organization who produce top notch, excessively delicate regular fleece infant items. All of Heitmann Felle items are Okeo Tex affirmed lambskin. Oeko-Tex is an autonomous testing framework for materials. By picking an item made of Oeko-Tex ensured materials, you as a parent can be certain your child is encompassed by materials liberated from unsafe substances or hurtful synthetic substances. Which means your little one is constantly protected and normally took care of with Heitmann Felle.

Marvel Wool

Heitmann Felle practice is comfortable covers, footmuffs, bootiesand mittensmade from normally warm lambskin and lambswool. It is notable that lambskin offer children a profound feeling of prosperity and solace. The natural characteristics of lambskin are temperature adjusting and they assuage pressure focuses - the skin to skin contact isn't just pleasant, yet quieting and calming for youthful infants and kids. All of Heitmann sturdy items give ideal warmth protection and a characteristic temperature equalization to guard your little one comfortable and while looking lovable.


Superloveare another astounding brand that utilization 100% morally cultivated merino fleece for their items.

The organization was established in the Lake District by two merino fleece uber fans. Superlove produce overly delicate apparel and rest sacks for infants, little children and kids matured 0-6 years. From the main touch you'll become hopelessly enamored with how luxurious delicate and lightweight their articles of clothing are. Their lavish basics assortment is ideal for sleepwear or base layers intended to be worn alongside skin day or night throughout the entire year.

Superlove Merino camping bed at Natural Baby Shower

Superlove are glad to state their items are moral inside and out - gladly made in Britain, utilizing fleece from upbeat sheep, reasonable for all the dazzling individuals who make it and dealing with nature. We love them!

Items made with fleece you will cherish…


The Bobux Xplorer Arctic shoes are the winter adaptation of the well known Bobux exemplary Xplorer shoes. These shoes are ideal for the cooler months because of their excessively warm and comfortable expansion of the Merino lining inside the shoe. These shoes are ideal for minimal one who are figuring out how to stroll, with the non-slip underside and super adaptability they'll let little feet move normally. Polished off with a versatile lower leg and Velcro attaching for a protected fit.

Miracle Wool


Every Little Green Sheep bunk bed bedding is handcrafted utilizing the best regular fixings, so you can sit back and relax realizing your child is dozing in a sheltered and sound condition away from synthetic. The Little Green Sheep natural fleece sleeping pad is the main bed bedding to be confirmed by the Soil Association as natural. Minimal Green Sheep utilize six layers of natural welsh fleece to make the ideal help for your child and are prescribed for babies who experience the ill effects of skin sensitivities. The natural fleece utilized in these items make them extra-breathable to help control your infant's internal heat level and keep away from the danger of overheating.

Minimal Green Mattress natural fleece sleeping pad

Bogeyman Wool seat liner and covers

Bugaboo'swool seat liner and delicate fleece blanketsare ideal throughout the entire year use with the one of a kind element of both being temperature controlling.

The fleece seat liners are produced using regular materials and fleece mark affirmed 100% unadulterated new fleece heap and cotton shirt on the opposite side making it the ideal expansion to your little ones pushchair to guarantee they are kept at the ideal temperature. These lovely fleece heap liners don't just look incredible they are additionally extraordinary for dampness the executives, are rich and normally delicate, normally breathable and go about as a temperature controller. The double sided reversible element permits you to redo the vibe of the seat liner to your own inclination.

Miracle Wool

Bogeyman make their delicate fleece covers with 100% additional fine merino fleece. We make certain at this point you definitely know the stunning advantages of merino fleece however it truly is a marvel fiber that is impeccable to enclose your little one by! These covers have been intended to keep youngsters agreeable and warm lasting through the year, the fine merino fleece is ideal for delicate skin as well!

This too delicate cover is breathable, while engrossing and discharging dampness in warm conditions yet making an additional layer of warmth on nippy days. Merino fleece additionally normally repulses earth and gratitude to the simple consideration finish it is an extremely low upkeep material to think about. We need one!