Wrap their bots in cloth this Real Nappy Week!

Wrap their bots in cloth this Real Nappy Week!
Have you at any point pondered about material nappies yet didn't have a clue where to start? In festivity of Real Nappy Week 2018, we've united with TotsBots to disclose to all of you have to think about our honor winning brand and why we love them. Much obliged to you TotsBots! 🤗

Enclose their bots by material this Real Nappy Week!

TotsBots reusable material nappies are as simple to use as a dispensable nappy, while setting aside cash and the earth! The broad TotsBots run incorporates diverse size and style nappies; EasyFit, PeeNut, TeenyFit, Bamboozle Stretch, Swim Tots, Training Pants, PeeNut Wrap, multi-packs and embellishments. All TotsBots nappies include delightful structures and splendid hues, making child look snappy and comfortable simultaneously!

5 motivations to pick TotsBots

1. Simple on your wallet

Did you know guardians in the UK are spending upwards of a large portion of a billion pounds each year on dispensable nappies! TotsBots gauge you can set aside to £750 contrasted with the expense of utilizing disposable nappies and heaps of neighborhood committees offer cashback motivating forces for guardians who choose to utilize material! Look at if your nearby committee have a motivating force plan to help towards the forthright expense of purchasing material - look down to discover more!

2. Simple on you

Fabric nappies have zoomed into the 21st century with snare and circle fastenings (simply like disposables!), airtight creases, an overly retentive center just as a delicate, cozy fit.

Washing? TotsBots have it secured. In the wake of putting away your pre-owned nappies inside a lockable, smell-confirmation basin fixed with a work pack; basically expel the sack and pop it into your machine, nappies what not. Wash with non-bio powder at 60 degrees or less and you can even wash in with other washing. It's as simple as that!


3. Simple on infant

High performing, breathable and regular textures by your bubba's delightful base, TotsBots nappies are the main reusable nappy brand to be Oekotex 100 affirmed – which means there are positively no destructive synthetics utilized in the whole assembling process, through and through! Utilizing fabric can help decrease nappy rash, dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin conditions and can as a rule empower early potty-preparing.

4. Simple on the earth

Did you know by utilizing fabric nappies you will redirect in the area of 4000 indisposable nappies from landfill - nappies that will in any case associate with quite a while from now! By giving material a go you could a large portion of your week by week trash and your carbon impression could be up to 40% littler.

Envelop their bots by material this Real Nappy Week!

5. Simple to utilize

Be that as it may, what do mums think?

"I saw TotsBots as the best regarding retentiveness, and furthermore fun prints! (Kaleidoscope is our fave!) I love that you can change the retentiveness utilizing the cushions, and love that I'm doing my bit for the earth." - Kerry Bain

"I'm presently a total change over and prescribe them to everybody! I've stayed with TotsBots in light of the fact that I realize they work, they never at any point hole, gracious and I love all the prints so a lot!" - Gemma and Cole

"I chose I needed to utilize material nappies as I don't care for the idea of disposables on a landfill and needed something that was more eco-accommodating. Additionally, as a first time mum of twins, I required something that would set aside me cash over the long haul. I did loads of examination into material nappies and discovered from surveys and different mums that TotsBots came enthusiastically prescribed. They fit my kid superbly and are as permeable and remain as dry as any dispensable." - Rosie Chapman

Need somewhat more understanding?

On the off chance that you have a feeling that you despite everything don't get it, TotsBots have assembled a scope of enlightening little recordings on precisely how to utilize their scope of material nappies.


What do I do with the crap?

There is no dodging the crap whether you utilize expendable or reusable nappies... The uplifting news is you'll before long become acclimated to it! To effectively dispose of the crap from the nappy simply utilize a straightforward minimal nappy liner. Before putting the nappy on, pop a liner into the nappy and when change opportunity arrives around simply lift the liner out of the nappy and flush (or manure on the off chance that you like).

Would i be able to utilize them from birth?

Indeed! For ahead of schedule or minuscule infants you can utilize the Teenyfits, the size 1 PeeNut or size 1 Bamboozle Stretch. For normal measured infants 8lbs in addition to go straight into the Easyfits, size 2 PeeNuts or the size 2 Bamboozle Stretch.

What number of will I need?

You will require 20 All in One nappies in the event that you intend to wash day by day, 25 in the event that you need to wash each subsequent day. In the event that you utilize a two-section framework like the Bamboozle, notwithstanding your 20/25 nappies you will require 4 waterproof wraps to use over the top. These come in size 1 and size 2.

How frequently will I have to change the nappies?

As regularly as you would need to change a dispensable. Infants tend to crap pretty habitually particularly on the off chance that they are breastfed and they can require their nappy changed around 8-10 times each day. When infants get to about two months or so they for the most part drop to requiring changed around 5 times each day fortunately!

Attempt it for yourself...

Totsbots nappy voucher conspire

...what's more, is your child under year and a half? In the event that the appropriate response is indeed, you can apply for a free Real Nappy voucher, redeemable on every launderable nappy. Have you seen our cash sparing RNFL Kits, only packaged for Natural Baby Shower, permitting you to spend your voucher most adequately.

Essentially apply here.

Your voucher is just legitimate against material nappies and nappy adornments buys (prohibits apparel, toiletries, swim nappies, eco-disposables and so on.). To utilize your voucher, follow the means beneath:

Head to our site, select and add to your truck all your necessary buys

In the voucher code box enter the name of the Borough from your voucher

The right markdown will at that point be applied against legitimate buys

Requests may add up to more than the voucher and extra equalization paid at checkout

On the off chance that the buy is not exactly the worth, the voucher may not be utilized again and no change will be given

The voucher may just be recovered against products and not postage costs.