You Can't Miss This Dad's Hilarious Interview With His 4-Month-Old Daughter

You Can't Miss This Dad's Hilarious Interview With His 4-Month-Old Daughter

A dad grills his little girl on things like why she puts everything in her mouth, and insists on pooping at the same time as her older sister.

Father of two La Guardia Cross has scored probably the greatest meetings within recent memory. You may recall his hard-hitting plunk down with his then 1-year-old most established little girl. Also, presently, the dad is back with his "Meeting With A 4-Month-Old." This time, it's Cross' second kid who is the topic of the conversation, and allows simply state, well, she didn't get off simple.

In Cross' most up to date video, the lovable Nayely should respond to questions like, "For what reason do babies around your age put everything in their mouths?"

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Nayely isn't going to uncover her kindred babies, and denies the claim that she does anything of the sort, in child prattle. And afterward she places her clench hand in her mouth.

Be that as it may, this child is too smooth to even consider getting caught by her father's line of addressing. Until she gets found chomping on the sofa.

Different inquiries Cross has for his little girl incorporate, "Are you terrified of cold moist disposable clothes?" This diverting father likewise flame broils Nayely about whether she realizes that it is so difficult to have 15 pounds of child lie on your arm or leg for a considerable length of time straight.

The cutest piece of the video is the point at which this little cutie pie laughs at her dad's "torment" over his absence of rest since her appearance. That face! Those cheeks! Stop!

meet with a 4-month-old


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At that point Cross "questions" his little girl about whether she's in cahoots with her more seasoned sister. For what reason don't they rest simultaneously? For what reason do they generally crap simultaneously?

"You're plotting against us, aren't you?" the suspicious father needs to know.

laguardia cross


Cross unmistakably needs more rest, since he gets somewhat silly toward the end. What's more, he revealed to us that is the greatest issue right now for him: "I love rest. I miss rest!" We feel you, La Guardia! Been there. What's more, we so value your comical inclination about the child related puzzles we all face as guardians.

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